Plumeria in Georgia

FSUDaisyApril 6, 2014

A co-worker of mine brought me back a cutting from Hawaii, but sadly it did not root. Is Plumeria something that would be sold here in Georgia at nurseries or would I need to order one? Im hoping I can find it around here and it wont be as expensive as ordering.

Is there anyone else in the south that finds them in the store?

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I live in SOuth Caroina, by Augusta.
I bought mine at a local privately owned nursery. Go to a privately owned nursery near you and ask about them, they might have them.

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ashef(coastal NC z8)

I'm in North Carolina and haven't found any nursery that carries plumies so I order them online. I've had good luck buying on ebay from drock808-2008 (very big, inexpensive cuttings) and 1-stop-aloha, and from Florida Colors Nursery & Plumeria Hut Nursery in Florida, among other places. Look around this forum for other recommended sellers but be very careful who you buy from on ebay.

If you're buying a cutting, I recommend Celadine -- it's very easy to root, fast growing & a great bloomer. You might also consider buying a few already rooted plumeria to have some blooms this summer. And you might get lucky and have someone on this forum offer you a starter cutting; unfortunately I don't have anything to share at the moment. Good luck!


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Based on my time there...Its a bigger state by east coast standards...any chance you could elaborate on what part of the state?

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Thanks for the info everyone.

kms, I am in the Atlanta suburbs.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

From Virginia Beach... No sales around my area!!!

I have to go online or buy from Florida, CA or HI and TX too!!! ;-)

They just don't sell in the Mid Atlantic Coastal areas ...

It stinks...

But , I suppose I should be happy because I have enough. " yes, I said it" ;-)


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I remember occasionally seeing them in far Southeast GA but not up in the Atlanta area.

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I was in Lawrenceville a couple of years ago and found some at a nursery called Randy's. It had a lot of water garden supplies including fish. The salesman I talked to was very knowledgeable about plumerias but I don't remember his name. Don't know how close that is for you or if they would have what you want. Peg

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Thank you for the info pcput. I may try calling them to see if they still carry plumerias.

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