GRIN Germplasm Resources Information Network's Need Help!

leafericson(6)March 4, 2014

So... now that I have some free time after the big seed giveaway I decided to do some research...
Curious about the authenticity of the Carolina reaper I checked with GRIN and there is no listing for seed for research.. why?
I checked it under both names: Carolina reaper and hp22b with no results..
Can anyone please explain?

For those of you who are not familar with GRIN ( Germplasm Resources Information Network) they are a branch of USDA that provides seeds to anyone for reaserch purposes.
If Carolina reaper is registered and trade marked then shouldn't they have seeds available for research?
Now I'm starting to doubt if anyone owns the rights to the renowned reaper at all???

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flipback23(9 SF Bay)

I wonder if theres a window of time for submission that has not been reached yet.

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I don't know about GRIN, or whether a plant breeder has an obligation to provide them with seeds. But in my mind, the person who put the work into breeding the pepper should own any 'rights' to it.

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Yes when someone trade marks a variety it is through the USDA and they need to provide them with viable seed as long as it is trade marked.
So why no listing for reaper?

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i have personally spoken with Bob at "GRIN" and have sent them a few wilds i have that they did not, From my understanding from our conversation they are more interested in rare and native species not a hybrid

As far as the rights to the Carolina reaper it was trade marked but as Smokin Eds Carolina reaper not just carolina reaper and this leads me to believe that for it to of taken so long to actually get recognized that there might of been a bait and switch take place and that the one that actually got the worlds record was not the same as the seeds that where sold

I know of another pepper that i have been told is going after the record and is being claimed to of been created by this person was not. He actually received seeds from a mutual friend that had been unknowingly cross pollinated, The pepper world is full of liars and thieves trying to become KING

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Thanks for the info ausome.
I attached a link for red Savina. This is where I'm getting some confusion.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Variety Protection Act

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yes see they applied for a pvp which they tradmarked and copyrighted the plant itself not just the name with a pvp # they can actually come after you for growing it with out getting seeds directly from them I ran into this with one of the tomatoes i grow the ( Kumato ) which is actually and old spanish heirloom but a company got ahold of it renamed it and got a pvp# lol right back to the liars and thieves comment again once i found this out about this instance i just started calling it by its rightful name

Just like with PI 497974 same pepper but how many different names does it have?

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Check with Ed Currie at Puckerbutt, he developed the Carolina Reaper.His Puckerbutt company,& Mike & Jenn McDermotts Buckeye Pepper Company sell seeds I personally know both Ed & the McDermotts, Ed won't come after anyone growing Reapers with seeds from another source, only problems arise marketing them under the name Carolina Reapers from other seed sources.Check with Ed, he is a great guy, will answer any questions.

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