MI Zone pusher let loose in LA area garden center!

Tangobutt(6b)July 16, 2012

What a great morning! Our last day in LA (we're in related fields to "that" bidness) we stopped at a garden center near Arcadia.

What fun! Got two 5 gal Kings, abt 6 ft tall ($25 ea!), two 5 gal Queens abt 6 ft tall or a little more ($12 ea!) and a 5 gal Mexican Fan Palm abt 3 ft tall ($7!) and with the MFP the guy looked at me like I just bought a bucket of dandelions!

LOL Can't wait to put these in with the Musa Basjoo and red Abyssinian bananas, baby MFP and shrimpy Sabal and Needle Palms at home! Obviously my royalty will have to go in the sunroom if we get winter ever again!

They seemed delighted to meet a real Zone Pusher.

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Tangobutt, where about are you located in michigan?

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Glad to hear about your new purchases. Even though many people think of Mexican Fan Palms as garbage palms, I still think they're one of the more attractive fan palms. They have a real tropical look to them. They're definitely one of my favorites. And $7 for a 3 footer is a steal!

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Nice buys! Mexican fan palms arent my favorite palms, but they are really beautiful looking sometimes and I definitely wouldnt complain if I could get one to grow to a large size in my yard! Post pics when you can!

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