Critique my Pepper plants please!

PeppergrowingMarch 26, 2012

Hi everyone, I started Pepper plants indoors about 6 weeks ago, if you can all go on YouTube and check out my first video that would be great!



Thanks! - Gabe

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Looks like you are on your way. The Ghost Peppers will probably be the last to germinate but should be coming up any day along with the rest of your seeds.

I live down by the Wisconsin Dells and I grew Ghost Peppers last year and actually got almost two full crops off them before the end of the season. But I started them at the end of January last year. You will be fine. With the weather we are having this year, we may get an extra month of growing season.

On word of advice would be to make sure you don't over water those seedlings. your peat pellets look pretty wet. You will want to take the clear lid off shortly after they pretty much all sprout and you may want to leave it off for a time each day right now. If you don't, you run the risk of your seeds rotting and your seedlings developing a number of problems. Those pellets should just be moist, not soaking wet.

So, keep us up to date on how things are going.

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