Blooms on my starters, am I in trouble

esox07April 11, 2011

OK, I gotta know. I planted most of my seeds 10-11 weeks ago. Now, they are past the bud stage and many are putting out full blooms. I still have 5 weeks at least before they go outside permanently. Am I screwed? Will they still produce if they are kept indoors the vast majority of the time. I get them out side when it is sunny and forecast to get to mid 50's unless it is supposed to be too windy. But other than a couple three days a week, they are under grow lights for 16 hrs. As the weather warms, i will get them outside more and many will eventually go into containers for the summer and I will be able to get them out earlier than the ones in my garden. I will probably put the ones in containers in 4 weeks or so and will leave out as weather permits but the garden ones will have to wait until late May or early June I am sure.

Is this going to screw up my pepper production or will they pollinate and put out pods anyway? I knew I was being too anxious but this is my first try with peppers and I didn't think about them blooming early.

What is my prognosis and what should I do about it?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Don't sweat it....
my Hungarian has already put out pods, which I pulled off while they were small.
Those of us who start our plants indoors will usually have blooming seedlings before
we put them out or plant them. However, many of those blossoms will drop naturally.
I tend to pluck the blossoms that persist, in order to keep energy focused on growth.
When I plant in the garden, I remove any buds or flowers.


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Josh, you got an answer for everything. Seems like you have lived through every challenge possible when growing peppers from seed. Your setbacks have become every one elses gain I guess. Thanks for making it easier on me in my humble first attempt at this.

Do peppers continue to put out blooms all summer long? I was afraid they would bloom all at once and then that would be it for the rest of the growing season. What had me worried is that I would not get any more blooms once I finally got them outside for good.

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They will bloom again. :-)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Indeed, they will bloom again!

They'll bloom whenever conditions allow....warm but not too hot, moist but not too wet....

Thanks, Esox! ;-)


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Hahaha, probably never gets too hot here. Cold is the problem around here. 90 degrees is extremely hot for my area. Normal high for July is 82 and that is the hottest month up here. I can't wait to get these guys out where they belong.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

That's good news.
When the temps are too high during the day (or too low at night), peppers tend to be
stingy with the pod-set.


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Cool at night would be the problem around here. Our average low temp never gets out of the 50's.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Thanks for asking the question, Esox, I was wondering the same thing. Mine usually aren't blooming when I plant them out, but my DH installed a grow light this year, so things are moving at a faster pace than I am used to.

I guess I defy the odds here, since we have scorching hot, dry days, and very cool nights, typical high desert weather, but peppers do very well for me. I'm not complaining though : )


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