Potting a Chinese fan palm

drich30099July 5, 2012

Hi, last yr. i purchased a chinese fan palm and it's still in it's little plastic, black pot. It seems to be extremely root bound and needs watering everky day due to our very hot temps. My question is, is it ok to repot it? I wanted to make sure since palms like to be rootbound. Can i repot into a much larger pot or do I have to go just one size up in pots.

Thanks so much!

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Well, as long as you don't overwater it, and you use some kind of mix that is well-aerated and perhaps a bit on the "gritty" side, I don't see any problem with potting it up to something bigger, even quite a bit bigger. They are tough critters, I've tried to kill mine multiple times by freezing, drying, etc., and it just thrives.

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Repot it right this second! I've never left a potted palm in their original container for more than a couple of days. If it's rootbound, it definitely needs to go in a much larger pot no matter the time of year. I don't care about what anybody says about palms liking to be rootbound. I don't know of any plant that can possibly stay healthy in a pot with no soil! Watering once a day is unhealthy. That's something only nurseries do, or in climates that are hot with fast draining sandy soil. If it's in a 1 gallon pot, put it in at least a 3-5, if it's in a 3, put it in at least a 7, if it's in a 5, put it in a 15 ASAP.

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Thanks, can't wait to repot!

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Just make sure you don't disturb the roots! Most palms don't tolerate root disturbance.

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I disagree about root disturbance- after this amount of time you likely have severely circled roots and you will need to prune a few to get things straightened out.
I have done this many, many times and have even transported large palms bareroot. As long as you keep them moist and shaded during the process (and a few days after) it can be a most beneficial thing to do.

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Definitely repot! I had mine in its nursury pot for about a year and then in 2010 I planted it in the ground. It gets damaged even with protection, but recovers very fast and looks healthier than in a pot! They are slow growing and dont get very tall for many years in full sun.

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