Is this leaf spot on my peppers and what do I do?

lunchlady42June 6, 2010

I have about 25 pepper plants and this is starting to appear on almost every pepper plant. Is this curable? What do I do? And how did my plants get this and what can I do to prevent it in the future?

The leaves have dark brown spots and some are turning yellowish and they drop off the plant. I've also found evidence of some forming peppers dropping off the plants. Some do have nice size peppers that formed earlier and are still growing.

Please tell me I can correct this and get a harvest from my peppers.



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Yes it is leaf spot.

The leaf spot spores are in the soil. This disease spreads by water splashing from the soil and the water with the spores splash onto the leaves. Then it spreads to other leaves again from water carrying the spores from leaf to leaf.

Pick off the worst leaves--all of them if you can but you don't want to denude a plant. Spread a fairly thick layer of mulch around the plant so the infected soil can't splash. When you water don't wet the plant. Treat with an fungicide for leaf spot. Garlic water and baking soda sprays might help.

Be prepared to fight this disease until the soil is sterilized either by solarizing it with plastic or until you have a prolonged hot dry spell. Don't plant suseptible plants in the same place next year

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