Bhut Jolokia And 7 Pod Jonah Pod Times

obchiliApril 5, 2014

Hi there. I was just wondering if there is a general timeline on a Jonah 7 Pod or White Bhut Jolokia to set fruit? I am a first year grower and just got these seeds. I am in Manitoba just north of Minnesota, germinated the seeds and they are just planted yesterday and today. There are no sprouts yet, but was just wondering if there will be a chance at getting at least a pod or two. All of my other peppers are out and about happy in their trays and cups, and range from 2" - 12". Thank you.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Do you intend to grow outside? If so then you will be amazingly lucky to get any pods at all. People who germinated in January are looking for fruit in late August at the earliest (though sometimes the odd pod will show up in July). You're three months behind them.

If you are set up to move inside before first frost, then it's another story.


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Yes, all intentions are for outdoor only plants, as that is the only place I have for it. I was kinda worried about that. I guess I will just cross my fingers and hope for global warming here! I know that my uncle grew for the last couple years until late September. I have a couple of extra seeds left for next year. Thank you.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Pot them up in very small pots. This may increase the chances of early flowering and podding.

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Alright then, this potting may be the only way to do this then. Smaller pots would be an option, as I was only thinking of 6 gallon pots. Thank you all.

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I am just south of you in St. Paul Minnesota. You are several weeks behind most likely but keep going. I started my seeds the first week of march and have some with 3 sets of leaves and some that just sprouted. Last year I started seeds a few weeks into march and I still got lots of peppers on most plants.

I will be starting even earlier next year (Feb 1st) after I finish an indoor grow room. But I have had good success rates starting the superhots in march. (Scorpions, Habaneros, Ghosts, etc.)

Just plant extra seeds so that you can take the heartiest, fastest growing, seedlings outside.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Yeah, forge ahead!

When you get down to the end of the growing season (i.e. the start of the next Ice Age), you may discover that you can find room inside for some of your precious babies after all.

Go for it! Dam the scrats and their acorn lust! Full seed ahead!

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