How to get rid of ants and aphids

aileen0821June 9, 2014

Hi, needing some advice. I am plagued with ants and aphids.
Had notice my apple tree around the leaves and flowers were black.
On closer inspection was full aphids but with the aphids is ants running up and down the trunk to them. With all this inspecting I found the far bush in my garden covered with the same thing. Was able to take a pic which I have uploaded with this.
I also have another bush which is the same but no aphids no ants, but with the insect that grows inside spit. Don't know the reason maybe someone can shed some light on this but also tell me how I can get rid of them in a safe way.
Many thanks

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

get rid of the aphids.. and the ants will mind their own business ...

on small plants.. hose them off ...


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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

To expand what ken said, the aphids secretes a sweet substance that the ants feed on, so as Ken says ...get rid of the aphids and you will get rid of the ants by spraying them with water or using insecticidal soap.....
As for the "critter in the spit" is a spittle bug that is sucking the plant juices from your plant and is protected by the frothy way to rid them is to wash them off with water....

Here is a link that might be useful: spittle bug

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Aphids are attracted to new, lush, growth but can be fairly easily controlled by knocking them off plants with a sharp spray of water. Some people think when you do this the Aphids just return, but they do not. you will see the next generation of the wee buggers, however, and they will require being knocked off as well.
The ants are not a big problem, and sometimes might help with pollination as well as control of some insect pests.

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