'Meat Glue' - pink slime's little brother...

vgkg(Z-7)May 2, 2012

Yum Yum, it just keeps getting better. How do you like that steak? rare, medium, or well glued parts? The gigsaw puzzle of meats...and fish too.

Here is a link that might be useful: U-tube - What's Meat Glue?

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Oh so what! How much a pound is it? Last time I looked at a steak in the butchers case I thought it was about as crazy as $14 a pack of cigarettes.

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Not surprising in the least. Nothing like this surprises me. We already know there are no ends too far to go to reach that pinnacle of Mt. Avarice.

Labs everywhere continue to work on projects that will turn scrap into what looks like a usable product.

This is one reason we don't consume things unless we know their origin.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Waste not want not.....not.

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Um, this isn't anything new. It's been around for years. All of those boneless hams, turkey breast rolls, etc. have been made this way for years and years. Now, I admit there is a legitimate question about whether or not the consumer is served by something like a boneless rolled "ham" versus the "real thing." But, I don't know that there is any safety issue involved with this practice, except to the workers doing it, since inhaling this compound, which is a blood-based product FWIW, can damage the lungs.

The real issue is a question of consumer protection -- dishonest companies trying to make a fast buck with a fraudulent product -- really no different than the issue of pirated DVD's or fake designer clothing.

Personally, if I had more time, I think it would be fun to buy some of this and experiment with it -- a couple of companies sell it in consumer sized packs online, it's sort of a fad among the high end chefs right now to create unusual meat products this way, but they are doing it on the up and up and directly informing the consumer what they are getting.

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Lest we forget Spam (SPiced hAM)...chopped pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, and the ever popular sodium nitrite. The gelatinous glaze, or aspic, forms from the cooling meat stock.

A single serving, two thin slices, contains 30 percent of your daily saturated-fat quota, 31 percent of your sodium, and 13 percent of your cholesterol.

Any Social Security crisis would be wiped out in a generation if we all ate lots of Spam every day. No one would live long enough to collect.

And for you lovers of the haiku...

The color of Spam
Is natural as the sky:
A block of sunrise

Pink tender morsel
Glistening with salty gel
What the hell is it?

Old man seeks doctor
"I eat Spam daily," he says

Pink beefy temptress
I can no longer remain

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There are 2 issues on this:

1st - Safety - When exposed surfaces of meat chunks are glued into a thick steak then trapped e.coli within the "steak" can survive the cooking process, esp for rare and med rare grilling times.

2nd - Paying top dollar for a fake cut of meat. Resturants don't have to tell you what you're getting and when it comes out on your plate already cooked it's not possible to visually tell the difference. When I buy a cut of beef tenderloin when eating out that's what I expect to get.

People should already be aware that canned hams, spam, etc are fake food.

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hamiltongardener(CAN 6a)

People should already be aware that canned hams, spam, etc are fake food

Spam is fake food? You're joking!?!?

I mean, it's such a natural texture and flavour, like it was just cut off the bone. I won't be able to look at my spam sandwiches the same again.

You've just ruined my day, vgkg.

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Everyone in Hawaii's day too - biggest consumers of Spam on the planet.

Fun fact: The 2009 winner of the Spam state fair recipe contest... a nacho burger made with Spam, jalapenos and guacamole - came from Colorado (not even close to being one of the top Spam-consuming states).

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Let's just be honest... USA food laws suck. Look around a little, and see what other countries do not allow. We allow practically anything. It's ridiculous... not to mention unhealthy.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

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I wonder why I don't find that particularly appealing? Perhaps that was the kind of spamwich Pres. Obama was seen eating on a golf course in Hawaii a few years back.

Spam was never allowed in our house. I know one can be creative with it, but my mind conjures up the slab topped with a pineapple ring.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

That sushi looks like little feet in platform soccer slides.

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Spam and a lot of "lunch meats" are made with a different process, more like making sausage, that doesn't involve "meat glue" -- this is mostly used to glue raw cuts together, which then may be sold either raw or, in the case of those "boneless hams" after smoking/curing/flavoring.

I was glad that someone pointed out the food safety issue RE: bacterial contamination. That didn't really cross my mind, because we do NOT eat any meat in my house that is raw, semi-raw, half raw, or pink in the middle. But, to each their own. Yes, I do have a little raw fish sushi once in a while, but that presents slightly different microbial risks. I could see how this could be an issue if meat is glued together and then served rare or medium, leaving the inner glued surface full of live microbes because it was formerly an outer surface.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

OMG! I'll never eat sushi again!

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Sorry HG, didn't intend to burst your bubble ;)
One of these "steaks" is really just shaped & pressed extra chunky hamburger. It might seem like a steak but it leaves an aftertaste of dishonesty in my mouth.

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Knowing a real butcher, I can personally corroborate the idea that the more surface area meat has... especially your ground meats and stew cuts... the more area there is exposed to the air, which means more area for bacteria to inhabit and grow on. It's a much quicker process than you'd imagine.

But, this is how our system works... the meat producer and food prep industry has lobbyists lobbying for the use of chemicals and other additives, like this glue and preservatives and other things. They're able to influence the FDA regulations in their favor... which is then passed on to the consumer.

If you do your homework, you find that many other nations do not allow the use of iffy products within their food source. A lot of American companies that want to set up business overseas must change their recipes to satisfy more stringent laws.

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I LOVE Spam Musubi.Yum yum yum.

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At least Spam doesn't pretend to be something it isn't. Meat glued together is too much. Who comes up with this stuff?

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Again , one less thing for me to worry about. I ate meat for the first half of my life and none at all the last half.

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"Who comes up with this stuff?"

Well, actually, Mother Nature did. "Meat glue" is a naturally occurring blood enzyme, Factor XIII, that allows blood to clot. It's running around in all of our bodies right now (well, maybe not if you're an untreated hemophiliac?). The food industry just figured out that, since there is a pretty vast supply of animal blood from slaughterhouses, they could concentrate this enzyme and use it in this manner. I have read that some of this is now made using a bacterium as well.

IMO, it isn't the product that is the problem, it is its unethical use to swindle, and possibly endanger, the consumer that is the problem.

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terrene(5b MA)

Me too, lily. It is a relief not to have to worry about meat glue, pink slime, fecal bacteria left uncooked, or fecal bacteria festering in the meat juices that are spread across the kitchen.

Meat production in the US is revolting. It's probably gets much worse than this. I can only imagine what they do to produce pet food, or animal by-products that are not meant for human consumption.

Sometimes I think people are addicted to meat - many times I hear the phrase "I love my meat" or some variation. Why else would people put something like this in their mouth? Besides, the majority of Americans only require a fraction of the food and protein they consume.

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Denninmi, I checked Wikipedia and found out the "glue" is made from the enzyme that cause good to clot. I also found out the proper name for steaks glued together - "restructured steak". Crab sticks and fish balls are among the products glued together with the enzyme. Agreed, it's deceptive & dangerous.

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I'm pink
Therefore I'm Spam

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I admit to owning the royal blue with yellow lettering Tee.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spam: More than junk mail

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I do like to eat meat every once in a while... as long as I know its source, how it's been raised, how it's been prepared, and by whom. If I don't know, I'd rather not consume it.

This is one of the pluses of living rurally.

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I'm with you Terrene. I wonder how meat passes peoples' lips. But when you have not partaken for 30 years, just the smell of it cooking can almost make one nauseous. Best decision I ever made, and without my prodding, my kids followed my footsteps. Makes it easy when we all eat together.

Sometimes I worry about the canned food I feed my dogs and cats every day.

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This video is shocking. Why can't we learn from other countries about banning unsafe practices? I guess the good ole US of A will continue to put profit before health and safety issues....

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That's what everything is about in the USA... either money, or power... or both. The average citizen hasn't mattered in a long time, hence OWS. We're getting a little pissed off that everything is being ignored in order for some joker to profit.

Everything is suffering... our people, our infrastructure, our health, our justice system, our education, everything. There's not a level playing field to be found anywhere, and we're getting tired of it. We do pay taxes, and we deserve a little more for our troubles.

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Lily, I'm with you pretty much on this subject.

I was a vegetarian (to be specific, pescatarian/lacto for the most part) from 1985 until recently, when I have had a little red meat--I had a few bites of steak last October, and ate half a steak two weeks ago. It was good, but if I think about it I can't choke it down. I will occasionally now eat grilled chicken, but not if I cook it.
I've always enjoyed fish and seafood and occasionally smoked turkey.

No ground meat for years, and I've never even purchased ground turkey. It is my belief that our bodies need the protein sometimes, but of course we get it from other sources.

I have had deer twice, and it's hard to eat, but I know when it was killed and where it was processed and how it was prepared and that's much easier to take than this pink slime business.

I can't believe as a child I ate vienna sausages. Yuk.

Also, I wonder if twenty-five years of no meat has something to do with not developing any diseases so far.
Can't hurt.

Speaking of slime, have you seen photos of slime in the ice machine? (those of you in Texas might remember the song).
I'm careful to be selective when ordering iced tea or the occasional Coke.

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terrene(5b MA)

Actually Lily, I don't think meat is necessarily an unhealthy food option - just when it's produced in places like CAFOs and using pink slime. Also, Ameircans eat way too much of it, especially considering they are overweight and sedentary and don't require much energy.

Humans are natural omnivores, and our digestive systems can accomodate all sorts of food. I would eat meat and probably a lot of other things IF I were starving and at risk of organ damage, and it were the only option.

I believe meat can be produced in a sustainable way as well, if the livestock is pasture-raised, and the pastures are rotated, however the vast majority of meat is not produced this way, and it would be more expensive.

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The driving force behind many products some consider disgusting is consumers themselves.

Consumers buy these products due to price, convenience, or taste and don't really care how they're made, or from what they're made.

Consumers have numerous healthy alternatives, yet they still buy/consume the same unhealthy foods and beverages.

I have to agree that most people consume way too many calories considering how sedentary many people have become.

Many processed meat products have very little lean high quality protein, yet plenty of unhealthy fats, fillers, sodium and preservatives.

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Markjames mark your calendar because, on this subject at least, I agree with you. Went to see Food Inc when it first came out, was talking about it to my oldest daughter afterwards and her comment ? "I do not want to know" Really ? You love your family but you do not want to know what you are feeding them ?

Meat is not the only thing we have to watch out for ... know your food folks.

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