New to plumeria and need your help !!

figara(Ca 9)April 12, 2010

Hi ,

I am new to plumeria and this forum. A few weeks ago I got a couple of cuttings from a generous person . I planted them as I read in this forum and plumeria 101. My Jeannie Moragne cutting ( a middle cut ) had a few light brown area on it when I got it but I was not worried because the cutting was hard at the touch. Now the cutting doesn't look good. It started to root at the top and in the middle. Yesterday when I touched the cutting it was softer and when I squeezed it felt empty inside and I could hear the air going in and out. What should I do? Cut it till I find healthy tissue? Would the small (5-6") remaining cutting will survive? I read here that a small cutting has less chances to root.

If I cut it there is anything I can put on it to prevent further rot?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Unfortunately, if the cutting is that soft and you can actually hear air as you squeeze it, I believe cutting it down until you find good wood is your only option, otherwise the rot will just spread and you'll lose the whole thing. If you do find a portion that is still good, you'll no doubt end up with a very small cutting. I've read that people have had success in getting them to root. At this point, you really don't have anything to lose. Try it and see what happens. It has been mentioned on one of the recent topics that DAP can be used to seal the cut end. The one thing I would really watch is the watering. Plumeria 101 shows the pot being really saturated with water when he first plants his cutting. In my opinion, that's too much water. I just wet the soil mix until it's damp. Especially if part of your soil is cactus mix. I just think cactus mix retains too much water. Hopefully, others will come in and give their thoughts. Good luck and I hope you have better luck with the other cutting.

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figara(Ca 9)

Thanks Rick, for replaying and your advise. I did not water it too much, the cutting came with light brown area on it but I thought that was the way the cutting looks. Now I know better. I did cut JM and unfortunately the rot was all over. I wanted this the cutting soooo bad and now is all gone :-(
Maybe in the future I'll find somebody else who is willing to send me a cutting :-).

Thanks again.

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Cuttings take a little luck to root until you get the hang of it. My first cutting rotted, my second one still has no roots and its been a month. If it wasnt starting to make new growth, I would have thought it was a gonner.

Good luck, hope you get a cutting or plant soon (you can also look for some seeds to germinate).

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newgen(9 Central California)

I have a bunch of cuttings that have sprouted and developed leaves and flowers right now. While trying to root a cutting, the drier the soil, the better. From the photos, I'd say it's pretty rotted. Have you tried cutting back until you get to a solid section? What city are you in?

Good luck,

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figara(Ca 9)

Newgen I live in Bay Area/ Peninsula/Menlo Park
The cutting is all rotted and I do not think it was my doing. The cutting had problems from the beginning but I did not know what to look for.

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newgen(9 Central California)

I got several of my cuttings, as well as small plumerias, off Craigslist. Maybe you can try that route to get some more.

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figara(Ca 9)

Thanks, I checked it ,nothing for sale.
Newgen ,where do you live in Ca?

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newgen(9 Central California)

I'm in Bakersfield. The cuttings and small potted plumies that I bought were all from Orange Coungy. The last few days here have been really sunny and calm, so I took all my plumerias out and left them under the sun. Waiting for the (hopefully) last cold front to pass, supposed to be going through the central valley midweek.

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On the Gulf we have had two harsh winters. Two years ago all the Plamerias developed stem rot and died. Just this past year they began coming back rooted on the stumps. One stump in particular is flourishing with nine separate plants.
I want to cut them and root them separately but want to make sure they are healthy when I do so. Is there a point when I should cut them off the stump?
One plant in particular is three feet.

Thank you.

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