Ingredients for pepper spray, minus the pepper

jenraider72June 25, 2012

This will probably sound stupid, but here goes...So after trying Havaheart spray, I thought I'd make my own repellent spray for rabbit/chipmunk/whatever else is eating stuff(caught skunk on surveillance camera at 4 am yesterday). Mostly Hostas and lilies are the main victims. So, according to recipe online, I mixed Ivory dish soap, cayenne pepper and hot sauce together with water in a spray bottle to apply to plants. One problem- the pepper I am guessing- clogs the nozzle and renders the spray action useless. I tried 2 other bottles to no avail. Can I just omit the cayenne and get an effective spray with just the other items, or is there something I am missing as far as getting the original formula to flow through the bottles. I actually just received a bottle of Shake Away today. I'll apply that as well, but these plants need all the protection I can give them.I don't want to harm the lilies or the critters who I know are just "doing what they do".

I have new lilies just starting to come up, and I fear they will meet the same fate as the 23 other lilies if I don't find a solution quickly. Thanks for your advice.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

spray bottle???

versus a pump tank sprayer for under $10 ???


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Well, this was on a whim, and I already had many spray bottles. Since I've already bought the Havaheart and now the Shake Away, I thought I'd try a home remedy. The website did say to just mix it up and put it in a spray bottle. However, since you mentioned it, I do have 2 garden mister/sprayers with adjustable streams. They have the pump top and did cost more than $10. each. I tried them as well, to no avail. Just thought there might be a way to make something right away, and without spending more money than what I've already put into the other repellents. I was just wondering how effective this concoction might be without using the actual cayenne.

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