What a relief

elkwc(6b)August 3, 2011

We ended up yesterday at 96 and today at 87. How nice. Today almost felt cool. I hope it reaches some of the rest of you. We had 2 tenths last evening. Some good rain east of us in the OK Panhandle now. And some west in CO. Hopefully some of it will reach us. The garden looked a lot happier tonight. There has been a 8-12 degree difference between my house and where I've been working 90 miles to the east and six miles south. One weatherman said yesterday the dome is gradually moving east and that is why we are seeing such a big difference in temps in a relative short distance. Jay

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Oh how lovely! And, oh how envious I am. Hope some more of the rain reaches you. Y'all have a 4-year deficit to make up.

It was 113 here today and no rain. I'd say your weather was better than mine today. : )

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Around here, you know, the weather giveth and the weather taketh away.

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Up to 115 in Ft. Smith and dry as a bone.

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Slowpoke, I live in Van Buren. I'm hoping Garrett forecasts relief over the next few days!

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Jay, I was in Guymon yesterday morning (stayed at the Best Western). I left there at 9:00 and the temp was pretty low in the 80s, but I don't remember just how low. By the time we reached Slapout I noticed it was 100.

I drove from Dubois, Wyoming to Tulsa by way of Casper, Denver, Lamar, and Guymon over the course of two days and the conditions along the way were shocking. Other than a couple of pockets of green, it is devastation from Lamar to Tulsa.

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Laverne, OK hit 102 yesterday and we topped out at 89 after I posted this thread. There were more showers around last evening. They are spotted. Most amounts I've heard are from 1/4" to 1/2". Very much appreciated but not a drought breaker. At least it has started raining some and that gives us hope. We have chances for the next several days. They are saying mid to upper 90's for the next 7-10 days with next Monday possibly being 100. So hopefully we are moderating a little. I know it is too early to tell much yet. If a person don't see the devastation and condition of the areas it is almost impossible to imagine. I hope everyone experiences cooler temps and rain soon. I'm just hoping my garden plants continue to look as good as they do and that enough cooler temps will arrive to allow them to produce. Jay

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