Cantaloupes, not again

slowpoke_gardenerAugust 20, 2012

I tried growing cantaloupes for the second time this year, I dont think I will master that skill.

Earlier in the year Dawn helped me with the two plants I planted, saving one of them. Later in the summer I planted more seeds. The blister beetles got all but two of them. I noticed that the plants had a lot of insects, some small, plus a lot cucumber beetles.

I took a picture on the 16th, then another today. I would like for you to see how fast they are declining. I have been trying to grow plants without sprays or fertilizer, I am about fed up with that idea.


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Hate to see you are having so much trouble growing melons. I know how it feels. Tomatoes have been my main issue again. Did have a few bean plants die and also a few peppers. I gave up on the tomatoes and starting spraying. I'm using copper and Daconil. The only sprays I will use. Several of my coworkers in this area have lost all of their plants. They all looked similar to mine. I have two plants currently I'm watching. But overall the disease issue has diminished for now. Knock on wood. So hoping for a good fall harvest. My loupes are still looking good. Hope it continues. Jay

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


I am sorry you are having so much trouble with melons. Because I know what your rainfall has been like recently as well as your temperatures, I suspect it is bacterial wilt. I have a lot of trouble with bacterial wilt some years, and almost no trouble with it other years. It is most commonly spread by cucumber beetles and if I have seen a single cucumber beetle this year, I've forgotten I saw it. Usually I have cucumber beetles from early March through the first killing freeze. In their absence, I'm having a great melon year. The only way to avoid bacterial wilt is to have the melons under floating row covers from the day they're planting. Also, while I don't generally worry much about crop rotation, I'll plant melons in a different place every year so I can avoid getting a build-up of bacterial wilt in one part of the garden.


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So sorry to see their sad state. thank you for posting pictures and thanks to Dawn for identifying. Now I know hwat happened to my last melon patch.


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