Strange object in garden

gerryraeJune 19, 2010

Last fall I found several soft roundish objects, about the size and shape of a whole pecan shell, protruding slightly out of the soil in my flower garden. I dug around one of them a bit and was able to lift it out of the ground. It was the same color as the soil and firm but slightly soft to the touch when squeezed a bit. Thinking it might be some kind of a plant seed just developing, I put it back. Now, all spring long I am finding my flower plants are having their leaves chewed on. Also, I have noticed small open holes in the ground about the size of a red kidney bean. Suspecting slugs, I put out Cory's Slug Bate and overnight found several dead and slimey slugs and more after each following night. Could the firm but slightly soft, roundish objects about the size of a whole pecan shell be slug egg sacks?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Short answer: No.

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