gponder(7/South OR)April 18, 2013

What's going on with Peppermania???? I placed an order on March 18 for $43.00+ via Paypal. Never received my order. Have not received a response from 2 of my emails. I was forced to open a Paypal claim. I'm very disappointed with this vendor and would not recommend them to anyone.

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I usually keep in touch with Beth ,as a friend, on at least a monthly basis.
I don't know what is going on with her lately.

I called her last time the other night and didn't get an answer.
She ALWAYS answers my calls or E mails within a day-mostly within hours.
I hope she is ok.
I'm planing on calling her tomorrow to see if she is OK.

I'm getting worried about her.

YES she got overrun with orders and had family and internet problems problems for quit a while but was catching up the last time I talked to her.
She still had ISP problems.
Small towns get screwed service.

I'll ask her what is up if I get to talk to her.

I fear something is really wrong or she would have called me back.

DID she accept payment/charge you , like the seeds were shipped?
She usually doesn't accept payment for orders unless she has shipped them.

When she was behind in orders she usually did a charge back/refund and sent an email to the customer explaining the reason...

As I said,I'm worried about my friend...
I'll post whatever I find out when I talk to her.

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gponder(7/South OR)

Now I too am concerned. Please keep us updated. By the way, $43.00 was charged to my paypal/visa card on 3-19-13

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My peppermania order took along time also. After about 4 or 5 weeks i e-mailed her on 03/26 and I received a response within 24hrs. She told me i would have my seeds by the end of the week and they came as promised. Although it took a while she was very nice and sent a few extras for my troubles.
I dont have many seeds left but i might be able to spare a few. shoot me an e-mail.

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gponder(7/South OR)

tbones, thank you for the kind offer to share your seeds. Just hoping she's OK.

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I'm still not able to get on touch with Beth via E mail or her cell phone.
I'm getting really worried,she is a good friend of mine.

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gponder(7/South OR)

smokemaster: Thank you for the update. I have not gotten a response from her re the paypal claim I submitted. I hope she's OK but I fear something has happened.

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I'll keep trying to get in touch with her.

As I said,I'm getting really worried about her.

There have been several things going on in her Family/private life and Biz lately.

BUT Beth ALWAYS answers my E mail or calls.
She answers my E mails with a call most times.
I have been trying to talk to her since mid/late March with no reply.

Last I talked to her she was getting caught up or was pretty much caught up with late orders and it sounded like things were getting back to her usual great service and the family problems were at a somewhat even Keel.

Beth and I usually talk to each other for a couple hours or more at a time on the phone at least once every 4-6 weeks ( sometimes more often) for the last year or more(most probably more).

I've tried all the ways I have used in the past to get in touch with her with no success.

I'm worried about my friend.

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I hope everything turns out okay. Please keep us posted on what transpires. I'll keep her in my prayers. Gponder....I also have seeds to spare. If you shoot me an e-mail, I can send you some of what I have. I'm not sure what you ordered, but I'm sure someone here has extra.


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gponder(7/South OR)

thank you for your kind offer. it is getting a bit late for me to think about planting pepper seeds. perhaps I'll try again next year...a bit earlier.
peppermania has a most interesting assortment of peppers. I hope this is just a little blip in the road for her. I wish her well.
smokemaster: once again so sorry for this worry. I too will keep your friend in my thoughts.

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Hey all,
So this is my first year really trying to grow a variety of peppers. Peppermania had come highly recommended from various review. Placed an order about 3-4 weeks ago, and had talked to Beth on the phone before placing it, and have not been able to reach her since and haven't received my seeds. Disappointed for now as it doesn't seem like they are going to be shipped, will probably dispute the charge with Paypal if they don't arrive on Monday.
Hope other people have more luck!

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A quick update, Beth picked up her phone today. She readily admitted to being behind on orders, but said she will be shipping tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll let people know if I receive them by the end of the week!

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That's good news vbkid. I have heard a lot of good things about Beth and peppermania. It just seems she gets over run around this time of year. I wish she could find someone reliable to help her.


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So it's Saturday and no seeds arrived in the mail today, doubting they were actually sent out Monday/Tuesday as promised.

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