small flea-type bugs in Soil

bushypennyJune 23, 2011

I cannot stand since June 2nd I've had an outbreak of tiny flea-type spot bugs in the soil of my flower box...and Mourning doves just gave birth and left. The infestation happened around my garbage can lid, which is 1 foot from my window..(indoors) . I see these tiny spot crawling 'fleas or mites up my walls...even found them in my sheets. I had to get rid of the plant (Perennial) bought four weeks ago. The soil is infested with these tiny -seed-like beige pest bugs. I have to get rid of the soil and everything; a total nightmare. They went running into the soil as I lifted the plant out of the box---- what are they!?? thanks in advance, Larry NYC

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Any chance of pictures? Even if they're tiny, sometimes a focused image will help.

One way you could remedy situation is if the window box is removable.

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Well,, I don''t want to just remove the window box; I dug out all the soil..all the small plants; and emptied the box..sprayed a strong/mite insecticide in the whole box and poured BOILING "Water all through it...I will start again next week, new soil...another kind of plant. and not have pictures of the critters, too tiny..just they scatter when provoked or disturbed.they're like tiny beige teensie ; lice or somthing. thanks, Larry

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

What, no nuclear sterilization?!


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