Super Sherpherd seeds

EZCycloneApril 15, 2011

I have read on here where super shepherd peppers are amazing. I have tried to get them from a few places online but two places (sites) wouldnt complete my order and the other just emailed saying they were going to replace my Super Shepherd seeds with something close cause it's all they had.

Does anyone one here have some seeds they might send me? I would gladly pay for them, or trade, although I have little to trade as I'm just getting started. I do have some savedCorno di Taro seeds from last year, but that's about it.



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try rainbow chile seeds.
Fast service etc.
Vladan is a great guy too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rainbow chile sees

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I have never heard of "Super" shepard
I grow just a few shepards so I also buy bushels for burning every year
last years farm bought bushel was fantastic quality peppers
most were at least 10" long
i would think open pollinated.

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for burning?

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Super Shepherd from 2008--thick flesh-sweet and tasty

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burning the skins over charcoal . peeling , add olive oil & garlic, or just freeze

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I have some super shepard plants started and love them cut up in salads; so now we will have to burn some and do the olive oil & garlic thing.

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I figured roasting was what you meant. Burning is something I would say that the girlfriend would say I "was talking in ways nobody understands me". Lol it's fun to see others do talk like I do. Has anyone every blanched pepper to slip off the skins?


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sjetski(6b NJ)

One of my favorite roasting/stuffing peppers.

The plants are loaded with dozens of huge thick walled pods, apple sweet, low moisture content, and very early. They do well in humid NE climates, farmers in eastern PA get bumper crops of these things. BBQ'ing them adds the usual smokey flavor and tames the sweetness.

They are known as Super Shepherd and Shepherd's Ramshorn.

Ebay seller another39again sells seeds that are true (no affiliation).

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