Question regarding w. robusta and spindle palm

slow73(WA z8b)July 11, 2011

1. I have a potted w. robusta that is about 36 inches tall from soil level (+/-) with 4 fully opened fronds and 2 emerging spears (one partially opened). The two lower (older) fronds are dying from old age. One is yellow/green the other is yellow/brown/green. I know fronds on a palm are the plants food supply. My questions is should I trim the yellowing fronds now or wait til they are brown and crispy? We are having a cooler than normal summer and I want all of the advantages I can get to coax some decent growth from this thing this season.

2. The wife and I deceided since our plant eating cat has passed on to start getting house plants. We are thinking about getting a spindle palm to keep inside during the winter. The problem is the south side of our house has only one window and that is in the kitchen. A no go for a plant that size. The only other option is to put it next to the back door on either side of it where it would get indirect bright light at best (western exposure). Those of you with experience with spindles please chime in on if that location would be good.

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THe mexican fan palm should be fine without trimming since these palms naturally form a skirt of dry fronds on the bottom of the crown, however, if the frond looks really bad, you can just cut it off.

Spindle palms should do fine in bright indirect sunlight indoors during the winter. I have to say, that they are one of the easiest palms indoors for me. The only problem I had with mine was scale (which eventually killed it), but it was always one of my favorite indoor plants (I had it by a large bright window which only gave it direct light for literally about 5 minutes during the morning hours.

Good luck!

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Ditto, Spindles are wonderful indoor palms. Only, if they grow acclimated to low light levels, they will burn bad if you suddenly expose them to direct sun--so do so gradually if you do increase sun exposure. HAVE mine out on the deck now where it get full, noon-time sun, so it can take it. As for the robustas, I cut off the leaves once they fade.

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