Washingtonia Filibusta

slow73(WA z8b)July 6, 2011

Anyone know where I can get washingtonia filibustas? I am having a hard time finding any on my own. Prefer seedlings (strap leaves) or larger. Seeds will do too. Also anyone on here have any w. filifera seeds from a mother tree that is from a colder climate?

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Just look online for seeds you can find them all over the place. This time of year just plant them in the sun and they'll pop up in a couple of weeks.

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slow73(WA z8b)

andy I'm thinking I'll be forced to get seeds. I was hoping to get ahold of some seedlings or 1 or 2 year olds to get a jump start.

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Dont worry they grow faster than you can imagine when they get their first couple of leaves. The first palms seeds I ever grew were Waqshingtonia Robusta (kissing cousin of Filifera) and I could not believe how fast they grew in a south facing wondow all winter long. If you get some in the next week or two you'll have split fronds by next summer.

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cfa_li(z7/8 Queens, NY)

Same exact thing here, I was hunting for Robustas/Filabusta seedlings and couldn't find anything except seeds and huge plants. I couldn't even find Filiferas which I didn't really want in the first place.

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I rescued several small ones from a friend's San Diego garden. She calls them "weeds". Two seedlings and two larger ones with proper fronds survived the trip home in the belly of an airline back east in January and are doing well in pots.

Since washys grow pretty far up the west coast, maybe a gathering road trip would be in order. You could get all the seeds, wild seedlings you want or even find potted ones at garden

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slow73(WA z8b)

wetsuiter I would have to drive a looonnnggg way to get into decent washingtonia country. While temps are good for them the wetness is not. We are dry in the summer and wet and cool in the winter. Semi Med type climate. I want some but not that bad to drive for a day or two to get them.

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