Did Cardinal Dolan Fib

labrea_gwMay 31, 2012

Cardinal Dolan once claimed that any inference that abusive, priests were paid off to disappear was preposterous, false & unjust.

Ah too bad Timmy they got you on this one. They being the bankruptcy proceedings against the dioceses of Milwaukee.

Sloppy to bluff like that Timmy doesn't give you the same oooomph when you & the boys start criticizing radical leftists nuns.

Minutes from a March, 2003 meeting surfacing this week in a filing in Federal Bankruptcy Court show that Cardinal Timothy Dolan, soon after beginning his tenure as Archbishop of Milwaukee, was preparing to pay pedophile clergy $20,000 to quietly leave the priesthood through the Vatican’s administrative process, or “laicization.” The payout, $10,000 at the beginning of the laicization process and $10,000 more at the completion of it, was provided independent of the cleric’s salary, pension and benefits. The payment had no restrictions placed on it.

The policy was apparently put into effect as confirmed by a 2006 report concerning serial Milwaukee child predator Fr. Franklyn Becker, who was paid $10,000 to sign his laicization papers and a July 2010 payment by current Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki to nine sex offender priests undergoing laicization. It has not known from which archdiocesan account the payouts have were funneled.

Attending and co-chairing the 2003 meeting were auxiliary Bishop Richard Sklba and the archdiocesan finance officer, Wayne Schneider. It was Sklba and Schneider who had earlier authorized the secret payout of nearly half a million dollars as hush money for former Archbishop Rembert Weakland to cover up allegations that Weakland had sexually abused a Marquette University student.

During the meeting, Dolan and his Finance Council also discuss paying off victims of priests $30,000 each (or $10,000 more to the victim than the offender). The payouts would be engineered through a “restorative justice” program to stave off the anticipated settlements the archdiocese would likely face if victims were allowed to file cases in civil courts. Testimony and records in the current bankruptcy now show that Dolan did implement a victim “mediation” program that was designed to obtain victims signatures on legal releases, often with no lawyers present, and deliberately mislead survivors about the church’s prior knowledge of abusive priests.

The minutes also show that already in 2003 Dolan was beginning a series of financial maneuvers to place millions of dollars into newly invented “trusts” so that victims and later, bankruptcy creditors, would be prevented from accessing those assets.

In July of 2010, just months before filing for bankruptcy, the archdiocese announced that there were nine priests undergoing laicization and each was about to be paid $10,000. At the time, the archdiocese claimed the costs were for “living expenses”. Church officials refused to name the nine priests.

Victims, in a letter to Listecki to be emailed on Tuesday, will contend that the new document, along with Becker’s confirmed payment, shows that these nine priests were being paid the second half of their secret laicization deal.

“The federal bankruptcy court,” write victims to Listecki, “would never have allowed payments to pedophiles as part of a restructuring plan, much less unrestricted payouts. Appallingly, the archdiocese has no problem negotiating with pedophiles and appear to have made sure these priests got financially rewarded for their crimes before you filed for bankruptcy. Now your lawyers are trying to toss out as many victims from court as possible.”

From SNAP.

NYC's Cardinal Dolan paid pedophile priests to leave?

Minutes from meeting confirm: Dolan discussed paying $20,000 each to child molesters to quietly leave the priesthood

Policy appears to have been implemented as revealed in 2006 secret payout to pedophile priest

Newly uncovered document from 2003 shows the beginning of Dolan's "shell game" of moving tens of millions of dollars into newly invented trusts

Victims want current Archbishop Listecki to reveal all payouts and costs of sex offenders, release the Milwaukee "Dolan Papers", including all Finance Council minutes.

It''s in the NY Times & many other newspapers if SNAP isn't good enough for anyone. SNAP stands for

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Dolan replaced Rembert Weakland in Milwaukee, Weakland resigned over $450,000 hush money paid to a fellow with whom he had an affair.

Here is a link that might be useful: OOOOPS

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So, essentially, the generosity of church goers has been utilized in a shell game of payouts for pedophiles. How nice. I'm sure they'll all be thrilled to know what their donations and tithes are being used for.

And people wonder why I ridicule and slam the organizations calling themselves religions...

Nasty business, that.

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To paraphrase Ghandi:

I like your Catholics, it's the hierarchy with whom I have a real problem.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

And in the Philadelphia trial of Monsignor William Lynn the defense is blaming Cardinal Bevilacqua, conveniently dead since January, for inaction, and protection of pedophile priests. Monsignor Lynn was a 'good German' following orders; never entered his mind to report the abuses to the police.

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Ah, yes, much like Eichmann, "I was just following orders."

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No comment!

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When I was little, my Dad used to tell me it paid to be good and decent... seems more like the real money is in being evil...

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Not much outrage here...

Hey they're just running their business, ya know: Privatize profits, socialize losses.

Is Dolan one of them catholic bosses who think they get to sue Obama?

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Lol Maddie you took the words right off my keyboard ... these are the righteous ones who would occupy vaginas eh ?

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They wish!

Seriously. It's them "values" again. All they care about is money, and other people's sex-life. (sounds kinda familar we get alot of that blabber here too).

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He Finally had something to say & what he said was it wasn't worth refuting the NYT claims and thats all he'd have to say about the NYT & SNAP revealing the payments that came out in bankruptcy court.

Here is a link that might be useful: POST

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