D-Con for Chipmunks?

tmrrsJune 18, 2008

I've been reading all of the solutions for getting rid of chipmunks on the "Effective chipmunk-ground squirrel control" thread, and have a question about using D-Con. (I already posted it there, but then got a message that the forum was "full" and I should start a new thread, so here it is.)

If I leave D-Con in my garden, will the chipmunks bury it in the beds like they seem to do with the sunflower seeds they raid? (I used to joke that I had a chipmunk farmer and thought it was really cute. It's not cute any more!) I'm afraid that they will bury it in my herb & vegetable garden, their favorite place to dine, and in turn poison MY FAMILY!

I once used D-Con to spike some pumpkin chunks after the munks/squirrels destroyed my kid's jack-o-lantern, even with hot pepper sauce all over it. This was by the front door, however, not anywhere near the backyard garden, and also after I had harvested for the year. It worked great, but I'm worried about putting this stuff so close to where my family gets our food from.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Meantime, I'm heading outside to set up a lovely little "swimming pool."

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There are numerous reports of non-targeted animals who die of warfarin poisoning from rat and mice baits. This includes family pets, especially dogs. Small children would be at risk as well. It moves up the food chain. If a chipmunk ate it, it won't die immediately, and if another animal ate the chipmunk it will be poisoned as well.

Poisoned baits in unsecured places are not a good idea at all.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Have to agree with calliope. Birds of prey are very vulnerable and they are naturally helping to keep the numbers down.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

skip the chemicals... rat trap baited with peanut butter... placed next to a hole.. and covered with a large pot [to protect other animals] ....

i thought i had millions.. and after i removed about 4 ... the problem was 90% better... i quit at that point...

they are hyperactive terrorists.. but we dont need to nuke the yard to solve the problem ...

good luck


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