almost caught up with the gardening work - or maybe not

scotty66(8 Hutto TX)April 12, 2012

It's feeling like June outside, instead of April, seems like Texas got an early start to the spring season and no one told me.

All my plants are now outside and the garden is planted and growing like weeds. I have a fence/barrier partially slapped together to keep my dogs out (they love tomatoes), it will need some reinforcing.

I also need to do something to keep the tomato plants upright. I am thinking I'll try a trellis this year, the cages last year couldn't handle the weight.

in containers I have:

6 Naga's (courtesy of Bruce)

4 chiltepins

1 habanero

In the garden I have:

3 jumbo jalapenos

3 habanero seedlings from a store bought habanero

other assorted plants are:


red onions

green onions


radishes (going to seed for fall planting)




tomatoes (big boy, cherry, beefsteaks, striped, black, roma)

water melon

pumpkins (neighbor donation)

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

My twin Nagas... thought they looked cool, figured I'd give them a chance and see how they grow.

vendor tag says "worlds hottest habanero"... we'll see about that!

chiltepins took awhile to get started... (back right might be another habanero... I need to start making tags)

the 3 jumbo jalapenos (garlic and red onions are off to the side)

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

15 tomato plants, along with more onions, cilantro and basil on the edges.
they grow a couple inches a day... I'm in trouble if I don't get those trellises in this weekend.

A quick shot of my attempt at irrigation.... cut up a garden hose and a soaker hose and spliced them together so that they hopefully water the beds.

almost forgot... my pumpkins, watermelons and compost pile.

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Looking good! Good luck with the season!

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Wow...looks like you are way ahead of the game! I'm doing good on everything but the peppers. I thought I was the early bird planting in March.(dumb newbie) I learned very quickly I'm not early....I'm way behind! Good luck with those plants. They look great from where I'm sitting!

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