Moving a Palm

MallonJuly 20, 2012

This palm (I believe a Canary Island Date), is located in my back yard. We love the tree, but we need to build an addition so my mother can move in with us for health reasons. Some friends have told me that these types of trees are very valuable and that someone would likely pay me for the privilege of taking it away so that they can re-sell it. Does anyone have any idea of whether that is true? If not what could I expect to pay to have it removed? Or alternatively how much could I expect to pay to have it moved elsewhere in the yard?

I am no plant expert, so I appreciate any help this forum could provide.

Thank you,


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Awesome tree, try graigslist to advertise it for move by byer, maybe commercial buyers will be interested, measure trunk under canopy of tree and tells pacify it when negotiating price this is what gets price. Surely someone will buy it!

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

That is a beautiful specimen, you may find a buyer. However, palms with taller trunks would fetch more. The crown is full and healthy; the trunk is stout and straight.

The market has changed on palm prices, as with so many other things. Prices on specimen palms have a high correlation with real estate development. At one time, you might have received as much as $2,500 for your palm, but I would expect much less in the current economic climate. Still, it beats you having to pay someone to remove it.

Geographical location and ease of access to allow removal will influence pricing. If you are out in the middle of nowhere and the palm is in a difficult spot, forget about getting paid. In that event, you could be lucky to find someone to remove it for free.

If you are located in the Los Angeles area, I can recommend an experienced tree mover to call. If they know someone who is looking for a palm, they could make the match.

I wish you luck in finding your palm a new home. That mass of palm fronds represents many, many years of growth.

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Thats one of the nicest date palms I've seen in a while, I bet you can get an interested buyer. Usually palms that size can be worth up to $1000, but if you want to sell it quickly and get rid of it you can maybe sell it for $800 and tell them to dig it out or order the crane themselves to dig it out (since that will definitely be a few 100 extra). Date palms are very common in Cali, but still worth a lot.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Would have to chime in with the others but suspect the only people capable of moving it are commercial growers??
Going to require some heavy duty equipment . looks like the fence and sidewalk will be wrecked ?? good luck took a lot of years to get to that stature for sure!!! gary

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Maybe call some nurseries... and i second the craigslist!

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