Plumerias from Hawaii - bringing to Australia

silverbeachshackApril 11, 2014

Does anyone know if there is a problem bringing sealed packaged Plumeria cuttings through Customs in Australia?

My husband will be in Oahu soon and I would like him to bring back a cutting or two to strike in my garden. I have been reading about the ones sold at Doles Pineapple being quite good, but not sure if their packaging is passable to be allowed into Australia.

Are the ones sold at the Honolulu airport gift shops able to be brought into Australia?

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Do NOT get the ones i n the airport! If you get one from a garden of a gracious native... mahalo to them and have the ag guys at the airport OKAY it for you and carry it on board as carry on.....brought 6 over this way last trip.

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What is the problem regarding the ones sold at the airport? Thanks for the tip. Did you have any trouble at the Australian customs declaring plant material?

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the ones in the airport are a joke...if he is on Oahu, have him get out to the Aloha Stadium for the Swap meet. There is a great older Asian couple there that sell FABULOUS cuttings all named and stamped for air travel...he has photos and flowers of the ones he sell so you can smell the scent etc.

Ask some locals for the days of the swap, or I think it is still on the internet if you google it....good luck.

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The ones at the Dole Plantation kiosk are straight from Jim Little's farm, they are of excellent quality. They sell named varieties that are certified for export. Being in the US, I only know of our laws so you may want to check with the kiosk directly to ensure that they are exportable to Australia as well. In addition, if you call the kiosk and talk to Kara ahead of time, you can order all sorts of things that are not usually available at the kiosk, and pick them up at the kiosk on a specified date. That's how I got my Don Ho cutting. :-) Call Kara Gorgonio, I believe the phone # is (808) 255-8474 (I have her email as well if you want to PM me). She does not handle any of the mail order stuff, just kiosk orders and pick-ups.

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Your husband will have to declare the plants on the passenger card. If your husband declares the cuttings, even though they are stamped, they will have to go through customs check point and evaluated. The Ag people may decide your cuttings need to be further evaluated and quarantined and treated. If your cuttings get treated there will be a cost involved that you will have to pay.

Good Luck

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