help...white/beige spots on leaves

penserosa(z6 NJ)June 13, 2007

Hi - Several of my plants have some kind of blight or fungus and I don't know what it is... it's on my violets:

and on the basal leaves of my pole beans:

It's also on catnip and pigweed, and probably other plants I haven't noticed yet.

I'm assuming I should pull out the infected plants, but I don't want to yank the beans...can anyone tell me what it is and whether to treat it, yank it, etc.?



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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Not a disease.

Instead, it's environmental stress -- more specifically, heat and/or drought. Did you have a recent hot and/or dry spell? Or did the soil get too dry?

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I had the same problem this year with my violets which are grown in pots on my NYC deck. I cut them down completely a few times and they kept re-emerging with those same markings. I saw tiny red dots, ants and other bugs in the soil. I finally took some rootings, rinsed them in soapy water, re-potted them in a clean pot with Peat and so far no sign of the blight. I lost most of my beautiful violets. I noticed the same blight in violets planted in a yard in my neighborhood.

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