2 grape vines, 2 problems. Pics!

farmermiller01June 24, 2011

Hey guys,

I have two grapevines.

One is green grapes (not sure what exactly they are) and the other one is a combination of concord and riber.

The "green grape" grape vine has 3 weird issues. The first is it has "chicken pox", some missing grapes in each bunch and I just noticed an odd shaped vine of leaves growing from the main vine. (also affected with "chicken pox") These aren't the typical grape vine leaf.

The second vine, "concord and riber" grape vine has missing grapes from each bunch and is rotting halfway through.

The "green grape" vine is over 20 years old and the mix of concord and riber is about 2 years old. What can I do to produce fuller bunches without missing grapes and rid them of the chicken pox and rot?

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Dan Staley

I can't see your whole setup nor where you're located, but at that resolution I might see some sort of gall but since we don't know where you are can't work through it. As to the grapes themselves, could be a number of things including pruning, thinning, light availability, and so on but hard to determine with info provided, but if I were to WAG I'd say new vine and provide proper care to get it established to set good fruit...


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I'm located in New York. The light isn't the best since it's located behind a garage and the vine has never been pruned , we just let it grow crazy.

Here is the "green grape" vine.

Here is the concord riber that is 2-3 years old. it was cloned from the picture below which is 20+ years old

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I don't know exactly what a "gall" is but it looks like it's rotting from the tip of the grape outwards back to the stem that it grows from.

Here are a few high resolution pictures:

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I think this might be black rot. Any idea how to get rid of this junk?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The leaves with "chickenpox" are affected by erineum blister mite. On the underside of the raised areas will be a white fuzz which latter in the season turns brown. No treatment because it's insignificant to the vine's health.

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Dan Staley

You need to take care of the vines properly. Once you do that your pest pressure is reduced to predictable levels. I don't see that mite too often in the arid west, but now that we know you're in the humid east, our job is easier.

So. Start taking care of these plants properly. That will make it much easier on you. Surely your Co Extension has a handout for you.


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Any tips besides visiting the coop extension?

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Well I trimmed the vines back and they suggest some antifungal spray. I don't know if it will salvage this years crop.

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