A couple of inflo pics

moonie_57April 20, 2013

These are from trees that I overwintered in the greenhouse at work. Hopefully, before winter comes around again, I will hit the lottery and can once again afford to heat my own greenhouse. :)

Aztec Gold

Kimo (maybe, if not I will have to wait until it blooms before I can positively ID)

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Absolutely gorgeous, no matter which cultivar it is.

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so exciting! How fabulous to have a greenhouse you can use.
Can't wait to see blooms.
Tally HO!

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Gosh, mine are just now starting to put out leaves, I wish I had a greenhouse to store my plants. My husband bought me one of those plastic ones from Cosco's I burnt all my new plants, and seedings, and never used it again. Barbra

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moonie, looks like your off to a good start! It sure helps to have a GH to use. It will be good to go outside soon. Peg

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Mona, any of those Aztec Gold buds open yet? Waiting patiently over here...:-)

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Assuming your plants will be outdoors when it is warm, what is your strategy for acclimating your plants to the sun and wind while minimizing the risk of bud drop?


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Thanks everyone.

It's one of Jen's Ohcomeonalready kinda things. I keep waiting and waiting and the buds are developing so slow on all of them, especially, it seems, Aztec Gold. The biggest problem, I think, is that there just isn't enough heat yet because the weather has been uncharacteristically cool.

Thanks Desa, Tally and Peg. Peg, have you put yours out yet? I have... twice... and brought them back in! LOL Lows of around 40 is too nerve wracking for me! We had a slight frost Sunday morning that damaged the new tender growth on some cukes. It was scary! Glad that I had taken my plumies in. :)

X - Yes, they will be brought home and put outside when I'm sure it will stay warm. Soon I will move them from that spot in the GH to closer to the door where full sun can shine in on them for short periods. Hopefully that will minimize any bud drop and I won't get antsy to bring them home too soon.

Jen - Maybe another week for bloom pics? If only the sun would shine pretty and bright and bring the temps up!

Edited to respond to Barbra.... Yes, I have heard of several people that have burned their plants up in those little GH's. They are so cute, though! I bet, with some babysitting, it would be good for starting seed.

This post was edited by moonie_57 on Thu, Apr 25, 13 at 13:32

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Mine are still inside Moonie, as I hate moving them back in and out. I'll wait another week or 2 when they can go out and stay. Our temps have been fine but I don't like nights in the mid 40's with rain and then only 50's the next day. So better safe than sorry.

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Updating a couple of the inflo pics. They are developing sooo very slow. And yesterday I brought them home, only to break off the two biggest buds off of Aztec Gold. :(

She branched twice, and fast!

And one more...

Peg - I put them all out again today but rigged up a way that I can put a small electric heater with the help of an umbrella and some plastic if I need to. Hope you can get yours out soon!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mona!!!

Those sure are beautiful and healthy looking Inflos!!!

OMG. It gets me going.. Ready for the summer and to see blooms once again. I miss looking at my beauties every night and watching the neighbors watch me... lmao!

I can't wait to see your gorgeous blooms!

Must be a wonderful greenhouse you have!

My trees have been out for two weeks now... They are out for good! ;-)

Take Care,


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Hi Laura!

If this weather ever begins to cooperate it should be a great growing season. I know come August I will be complaining about how hot it is but please could we have just a little bit warmer temps, please, please, Oh Great Plumeria Goddess?


I found a couple more inflo's. Hopefully they are big enough for my cell phone to have picked up.

Here's the inflo I was expecting was developing on my marathon blooming noid white. I just love this tree. It just keeps on giving! Had to get DH to bend it over for me so that I could get the pic. Next spring I may take cuttings off it.

Maybe you can see it. This is Mardi Gras.

Raspberry Sundae doesn't appear like it will be a huge bouquet this year, but who knows, right? :)

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Almost forgot Lillian Chinn. I just purchased this one not long ago. Hopefully she is rooting and I won't have to sacrifice the inflo. Will keep my eye on her!

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I finally made the decision to move them out this weekend. It hasn't been real warm but warm enough. I move them a few at a time. 5 went out Friday and got 10 more on Sat. Then all the smaller ones went out in plastic milk crates and are up against the house. There are still about 38 to go. I have a couple of big ones to go out but they have inflos so am holding them back a few more days hoping for some warmer temps. I'll work on getting them out over the next few days. We're headed to FL on Thur. so want them out before we leave.
Hi to all the FL people. Can't wait to see the trees there as I usually get to see them in Nov. Peg

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Moonie, great job over there, it looks like you'll have lots of blooms very soon!!! Gotta keep an eye on that hubby of yours - first it's an air freshener, next he's got his own plumies LOL!!!

Peg - so glad you're finally able to get them outside, it makes me kind of anxious having them inside. The weather has been so crazy. BTW, the Psycho is pushing an inflo while trying to root!!!

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Yeaaaaa! Emily, a psycho inflo. I haven't even had one of those. Congrats! now lets hope it roots. Then again it is psycho. Peg

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