My Thai giant and a possible impostor???

jimhardyJuly 4, 2011

About 42"(107cm)as of yesterday and still growing 8)

5 gallon bucket for scale.

Big leaved Castor bean leaves behind it are up to about 2'

This is my other Thai giant I bought this year....

I have my doubts that it is the real deal though.

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Do you protect those or dig them up? How did the others do their first year? I would think that a first year plant would be far behind a mature one even bulbs and corms. But why is one leaf different than the other? Where did you get this EE, could it be that they took it from the wild? Whatever you decide, you still have a nice looking plant. Just alittle bit smaller!

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The big one I dug up-little guy is new.

They were both purchased a year apart but from
the same seller.

The smaller plants leaf structure looks more
like an Alocasia leaf the Thai giant Colocasia.

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Thats what I was thinking about the leaves. My Colocasia come out looking exactly like a mature leaf and the same with Alocasia's. Thats why if they get them from the wild it could be a hybrid.

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My guess is this plant(possibly misidentified)was
mass produced by t/culture and the market was flooded
with them...I have seen a few others like the smaller
one on other forums-just not the big boy that Thai giant is...

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espor(z5 PA)

Jimhardy both plants look good to me but the second one definitely has a different look to it. I bought a plant this year and it looks like your first plant. Mine came in a 1 1/2" tiny pot and I have it in a self-watering 12" pot now and the leaves are getting very large. Loving the plant but can you explain how you overwintered the first plant? From digging it up to the process of what you did to keep it alive over the winter.

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As you mentioned-dug it up and potted it.

One thing I did with the Borneo giant and Thai giant(and Bananas
for that matter)is water them almost all winter with Superthrive.

They were both grown inside in front of a west window-
they basically slowly decline all winter.

One thing I will tell you about Thai giant is that they do
not like to be to wet in soil in cool temps-
I have heard of people overwintering them in a bucket of water but never tried it.

I don't believe these are a bog plant like regular EE's
so be very careful about overwatering in a pot-esp-
when temps cool down.

Borneo giant is next to it-basically the Borneo giant rotted away all
I thought it was dead,probably saved it because I stopped watering it.
Found it still alive in my room in late spring :-0
Heres the TG over winter.

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