Twig blight/leaf spot on kerria japonica?

vickima(z5 MA)June 12, 2007

I posted a message about this yesterday on the shrubs forum, but haven't had any responses, so I thought perhaps this forum would be more appropriate.

The photo isn't very good, but hopefully you can see the dark blotches on the stems and dark spots on some of the leaves of this kerria japonica. The blotches were on the stems when it arrived from the nursery about a month ago. I've done some searches on the net, and twig blight / leaf spot is the only thing that has come up. If that's what it is, how do I treat it? Can it spread to other plants?

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Hi, I just bought a couple of these plants and they also have the dark blotches on the older leaves. I don't think it is anything to worry about since the younger leaves look just fine.

I have had somthing similar on my lamium and goutweed. Both were severely stressed early in the season because of our drought. I cut them back to the ground and they are both regrowing beautifully. However, I would not recommend cutting back the kerria since it blooms on old wood.

My guess is that the spots on the kerrias are related to some sort of stress.

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