too hot

tdogdad(Zone 9)April 29, 2014

97 degrees today on my front porch with ultra dry Santa Ana Winds. Is it summer since we had no winter? California has gone weird this year. Psycho never stopped blooming or lost its leaves. Several plants started blooming in late March. In several decades of keeping records this is very unusual.

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WOW are so right. What an odd winter and too hot today with the "devil winds'. Makes watering tough when they want us to be water wise. I have more inflos than years past at an earlier date than ever. I am sure your yard will be gorgeous no matter what happens. Enjoy the cool again after Friday. roxanne

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm happy for you all!!! I know it's even strange for you all with all of this heat.....I'm happy for all the wonderful blooms too!

But we are expecting more severe weather ( tornadoes ) with the possibility of hail....Huh? It's the end of April, guys....

I'm so frustrated....


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The plumeria are hardy and will recover, not so for us humans so be safe, Laura!

Here in Southern California, the temps have indeed been very warm all winter long with very little rain. Not so good for my citrus plants which didn't get the cold they need to produce.

Regardless, I have one Yellow-NOID in the ground currently and it's just starting to produce 1" claws, but I have another rainbow in a 5g pot with 6" leaves. Yet another in a 5g pot sitting next to the other and the claws are just starting to grow. I'm thinking varietal makes the difference but as this is the first full year for the in-ground plant, hard to say if this is normal or not, but I am glad to see it progressing. I'll know a little bit more next year. .

And that's the thing with takes at least a year to learn about them (at a minimum), regardless of how much you read about them....Kind of like my wife and we've been married for more than 10 years. She still doesn't like the dormant stage of plumeria (aka the deciduous aspect). But she loves the flowers. The more I grow, the more she'll learn, won't she?

Roxanne - Speaking of the wife, she's at jury duty this week, so can I send her over to check out your inflows :-)


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Any time Dan...we are 10 minutes from the court house. Except Thursday, we are having our first show and tell in the new RV we bought...pick it up at 10 and get a 2 hour lesson, we are very excited. Maybe I can get it to the S.D. sale over Labor Day and fill it up. Room for the surfboard in side.. :-)

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