Plumeria Nakama's Rainbow.

Andrew ScottApril 6, 2013

Hi everyone.
I have seen this plumeria quite a bit on Face Book. I really love the color and shape of this plumeria, but trying to find a nursery that has it is not easy.

I am kicking myself as I probably could have had someone buy me one at the plumeria sale in CA today.

I also wanted to add that this must be my year for plumerias that are blooming for the first time. I counted over 16 trees that have either started blooming or are growing there inflos for the first time. I did have an inflo on Katie Morage but sadly it aborted.

For trees that are blooming, my Psycho is still pumping them out, along with 2 Celadines, a third Celadine has a 2 inflos, Thai Super Round, Mini White is growing more flower buds, andTaj Mahol is still pumping them out more buds. I actually had one flower bud that opened and the flower was fully opened, which was really exciting as I have never had one before! Also, my Dwarf Singapore Pink(Laura Jones, you still MUST get one of these!) has at least 8 or 9 new inflos! I have never seen a plumeria that produced so many new tips before. One inflo dropped and the tree produced 7 brand new tips for me!!!

I am super excited about this year for all my trees. This year promises to bring me some awesome firsts!


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Hi Andrew!

I was just popping in to see if anyone posted about going to the sale today. Some of us can only live vicariously through others! LOL

So glad to hear that all your trees are doing so well. It must make the recuperating process slightly less exasperating? Sorry about your Katie inflo. I don't think my Katie is going to make it. I have been trying to root it since last summer. Just when I think she's doing something... well, she doesn't! So far I have resisted the urge to take a peek. I'm giving her a very short time then I'm pulling her out and peeking at her bottom. :)

It won't be long before I'll have blooms on Aztec Gold. It's one that I have overwintered in the greenhouse at work. Sheesh, it seems like it takes forever... kinda like a "watched pot" that never boils. LOL

I won a mini white tonight from Matt. It was simply named, Mini White so I don't know if it's JJ mini white as it was not named such but it is suppose to have the gardenia scent. Actually I assumed it would be King Kaläkaua from Hawaii. I really didn't mean to buy it though. You know how that can just happen! :)

Are you feeling well? I hope so. Take care and have a good night.

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