Question on cutback plumeria...

scott_madisonApril 24, 2014

So... My one and only plumeria had some rot issues this winter on the growth tips. I had to cut the stems back to healthy wood, and they healed up nicely. About a month ago I took it to work... I work at a greenhouse... thinking the extra warmth, sun and humidity would kick it out of dormancy. As of yet it just seems to be sitting there not doing a thing. I'm not even sure where to look for new growth, since it no longer has any growth tips. Plumerias just seem rather other worldly to me... The way they grow is so unlike other plants. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Look for swelling at the leaf scar(s) nearest the cuts. From there you will get new growth but it may take a bit of time. I have one that lost its head and is still just sitting there too.

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Scott, give it some time. I have several that are still dormant, especially those with some tip damage, and Kms2 and I are in Texas where we've already hit 90+ degree days.

Yours will wake up when it's ready, don't worry!

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