rhapis- lady palm - got on craigslist- care?

deep___roots(ca9/sunset15)July 9, 2010

Got me a freebie. The palm is in a large and tall heavy duty plastic pot (16 inches in diameter?). Some of the shoots are 5 feet tall. New shoots are coming up also. Some of the shoots have the leaves like you want them, green and nice looking. Some of the shoots have leaves that are crinkled and brown (DO NOT WANT). I would say there are at least 10 shoots of various heights.

I have this puppy in a nice shady spot that gets some sun during the day but not much. I have watered it a couple of times (I got it on June 25th).

I will fertilize this plant soon.

What do you suppose caused the leaves to look crinkled & brown? Will new leaves come out of these shoots and have the look that I want? Is cutting some of the 5 foot shoots at ground level advised? (I would think not.) I noticed some previous shoots that had been cut at ground level were easily yanked out.

Any advice is appreciated. Got this from someone in a wealthy community where they like to just get rid of stuff and buy new stuff instead of taking time to give their old stuff the care it needs. I'm not complaining though...this plant has potential. Thanks.

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Rhapis palms are a clustering palm that shoot vigorously and continuously. They are easy houseplants and are highly prized in East Asian countries (to which they are native). I summer all my palms outside but you do not have to--this species is particularly good indoors as it's one of the few species of palms that really needs to be protected from strong outdoor sun (or it'll burn). Indoors, it should be fine in a bright window with perhaps a light, shear curtain in hotter (southern or perhaps western exposures). They will also do fine in just bright light without any sun. I like to use a well drained soil with them but adding some sand to the mixat time of transplanting. They don't like getting too dry so watch the moisture levels. It's possible that the shoots with dry, dead leaves are already dead but they may not be. Cut off all dead leaves, leave the trunks and wait to see--if nothing develops after a few weeks, they're dead and may be removed. I feed every couple of weeks with a high nitrogen fertilizer. Once they start growing, you can easily propagate your pland by gently removing it from the pot and using a sharp, sterile knife to separate a shoot or shoots from the mother plant--they will be connected below the surface of the soil by roots--be sure to get shoots with at least some of their own roots already growing. They can be quite expensive--so it sounds like you made off with quite a deal!

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