Unexplained Growth-Cutting

ProudMamaSDMay 20, 2012

I need a little direction. I was at a nursery a month or so ago and found a stray plumeria branch which they kindly gave me. It is bright green, at least a foot long: they didn't have the trees supported whatsoever and many were laying down. I think this branch just broke off.

As an experiment I elected not to cut the base, and instead soaked it, coated in rootone and potted up. To begin with the cutting was spongy, but the very base strong. It had 1 5in leaf and several inchers. So to the question: This cutting is putting out leaves non stop. The original leaf is just as virile as ever and the new ones are already surpassing 1inch. My son pulled it out of the pot last week, I was frantic and just immediately put it back in the dirt. I didn't think it had roots, but reflecting on the moment perhaps it did; I panicked. The cutting is very wrinkled.

If this were a normal cutting I would water it, but taking into account it had leaves to begin with, which never seemed to show stress from the 'break' I just don't know what to do.... does anyone have direction? I don't have a snapshot handy, but looking at it you would think this is a rooted cutting which needs water. The catch is it appeared that way from the getgo and just never seemed to stop growing after the break.

Thanks for your help!

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I quickly went through some photos I took within the last 2 weeks, here it is. (bright green, center) Not the most helpful shot, but a start.

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I don't know Wendy, I would say wait another week and see what happens just to be on the safe side. It will kill it faster to have un-needed water than to let it be dry for another week is what I'm thinking...but maybe someone else can offer some advice. Keep us updated on it's progress!

The new Gina cutting I was gifted is a little spongy in the middle and wrinkled too, but I decided not to cut or mess with it and just potted it up too. I gave it the initial soak watering so I'll see if that plumps it up or not. I won't water it again until I get some leaves. I'll let you know what happens.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

It looks like it's a pretty green cutting. Sometimes the 'greenies' don't root as easily as the ones that are older and have some gray on them. I'd keep it out of full, hot sun, but keep it warm. Maybe mist it occassionally. But don't water the soil. Who knows? I might root. If it's putting out leaves, it's probably going on momentum, but if it has no roots, the leaves will likely eventually turn black and fall off.

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Thanks for taking the time to check it out and give your input. I moved it out of the sun and onto a heat mat last week, since it has continued to grow!

Dave, I think you hit it dead on, "probably going on momentum", but how stupid. You gotta root, cutting!

Here's two from today:

Ok, computer being very difficult, going to send this through and I will add the next seperately.

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And the top, look at all these leaves! The first pic was taken the first week of May.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Wendy,

Those look like great green cuttings.. The leaves are really active an they look great to me!!! All of my cutting are green like yours too! So re you keping them outside annd then bringing them back in again? They rreally look great!!! Water wet/dry cycle and you should ahve some great looking trees!!! You know what you are doing!!

Silly Lady!!! They look great!!! Bravo!!!!


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Just a quick update, this little guy rooted! Honestly, don't know how, but this will be one hardy little tree someday. :o)

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Wendy, thanks for the update. I thought it might have been too green to root, but it's obviously very hardy and toddler-resistant!

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