Some more pics

jimhardyJuly 5, 2011

I think this one is El paio-

I love the striped trunk/petioles-a lot of plants

are finally recovering from being stunted this cool spring.

5 gallon bucket-in some shots for scale

Thai black off to a slow start

Washys going on leaf 7 & 8

Nainital-recovered well from spear-pull.

Couple/few of the Thai giant and new leaf tough plant,this one endured hail and freezing temps

as a 3" plant and is very much on the move it,move it now.

Couple of Canna flowers

Interesting Moss roses flower

Abyssinian and Brugs-Brugs are about 6' night.


One of the fastest T.ferns with up to 20' fronds

this one has really ramped up it's leaf size.

if all goes well this winter,I could see it catching C.Cooperi's

leaf size!




Encephalartos Princeps -Flushing

Some cacti-etc

Blue parryi

Manfreda maculosa-flowering-

Cool flowers change color as they age

Sabal Lou and some other blue

Thanks for looking

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Nice pics, love the ferns wish mine were growing to be that large. The cacti are looking great, missing the O. imbricata. I have never seen a A. parryi look like the one you described as blue parryi. It looks more like some type of americana. The washys are looking great been thinking of getting one but seems like I have enough to worry about right now. So that will have to be a replacement if I loose something.

Great job.

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Great pics! I love the ensete, but I have to say that those ferns really are amazing! I love how big they have gotten! They look like they have been grown in the tropics!
Thanks for sharing! Looks like your off to an amazing growing season. Hopefully this heat keeps up for a while!

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Thanks Chad

Although less cold hardy than Trachys,the Washys really produce
some amazing growth and they love the heat!


The T.ferns are one of my favorite plants to watch unique!
The nice thing about them is that,with enough water they will
grow fast in a cool or hot summer!

The C.brownii is the fastest one I have seen and if it makes
it a few year swill be an absolute monster!

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Looks great, I love the ferns. I dont think enough people on this forum think about ferns but they add a tropical look and really don't need any winter protection. Mine are turning a little brown in all of this heat with no rain.

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The ones I have are Tree ferns and are not hardy.
Although the D.A's could probably handle 20f -maybe lower.

The larger Cooperi are crispy below 27f.

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Nice pis the Thai giant will be massive by fall

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Yea Dennis-

I enjoy just going over and standing next to it!

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