Latest pics of plummies under HO grow lights

arctictropical(Z4)May 24, 2010

Well, because of cold May weather, including temperatures below freezing late into the month, my plummies are still inside, and will remain there till June, at least. They are still loving 80-85 degree temperatures in the basement "greenhouse" room. As long as you flush out the soil now and then to prevent fertilizer salt build up, they do great! (I about lost 5-6 older plummies due to salt buildup). Here's a couple pics I took this evening. They have been growing all winter long under these lights.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

those plants look very happy and healthy. Nice set up. All this in zone 4 , my hat is off to you.

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Thanks, tdogdad. Not one plant went dormant on me during the winter, or even started loosing leaves. Most of my seedlings that I planted last August are now as big as my older plants. I wouldn't be surprised if they bloomed as one year old plants. I'm still a "newbie" at this, since I purchased my first plants last Summer, so I'm still learning from trial and error, but so far, besides about killing 4-6 plants due to fertilizer salt toxicity, they are doing great!

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Wow those look nice. I also bring mine in all winter and have some under lights. I had a few plumies bloom all winter long due to the cold summer last year, making some inflos start late. It was nice!

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They are looking great and most of them seem like they have more leaves then mine outdoors. Im expecting to hear of lots of blooms from your plumerias. My plumerias are still growing slow. Only one Im really impressed with is my plumeria divine which has 2 inflos already! One should be blooming sometime in June with the next one following soon after. I already see the actual flower buds forming on one of them. My other plumerias are just starting to leaf out and some of them dont have average sized leaves yet. Im hoping thats normal.
But anyways, great collection. I hope temps warm up by you soon but I have noticed the west is a little on the cool side this spring. How are all your other plants doing?

Good luck!

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How Gorgeous, ArcticTropical! They're so healthy and thriving. Great job! That is true dedication. I started this late last summer as you did and kept them under lights in the laundry room. Took them out when the days warmed but the morning chill caused them all to drop leaves. Hope yours adjust easily when you take them out. Please keep us posted -- your photos are beautiful.

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Thanks guys! I'm quite jealous of you who live in any climate zone warmer than zone 4. It usually drops down into the 40s and 50s here throughout the summer at night in these mountain valleys in northern Utah, but last year my plummies did quite well outside in our bright, clear "out west" sunshine, despite the cool nights. Hey, at least we don't have to run the air conditioning at night here! We just open the windows.

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Nice to see this pics , hands up !!! they look great.
Here in Holland the weahter is bad for Plumie's at the
moment to place them outside,so i let my Plumie's growing
under lights too. I do this always with
seedlings for 1 year. When i have a pic. i will at it.(50 at the moment)

I do not know if the colour name of the lamps are the
same here, but what colour of lamps do you use and the
time they are on ? I think you use refectors too right?

Do they bloom under artificial light ?

Please be aware of mildew that can happen under this conditions.

But again great pic's and job A+


ps. Is it a mix or plants with a name?

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Wow, those are great looking plumies arctictropical and very impressive as well! That's an excellent setup and very inspiring for us folks that live in non tropical climate. What kind of lighting do you use? How long do you have them on? Any other advice for a newbie who's rooting plumeria cuttings for the first time?



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Thanks Alfons and yaslan. The lamps are T5 High Output florescent lamps. the fixture has 8 lamps, and a reflector. I have 4 white (6500K) lamps, and 4 orange colored (I'm not sure, but about 3500K) lamps. Yes, they have bloomed under these lamps! The lamps heat the entire basement room up to 80-85 F. each day. It drops to about 70 F. at night. Perfect for Plumeria. Cuttings root very nicely under these conditions. I have my lights on about 17-18 hours each day. I have a mixture of plummies. Quite a few are seedlings, but some of the grafted cuttings are: Hilo Beauty, Dwarf Decidious, Mele Matson (I think), Calcutta Star, Penang Peach, Aztec Gold, Cerise, Carol H., Moragne 27, Daeng Kama Lee, Leuang Sakon, Islamarada, Lahaina Dream, Key West Red. Good luck with yours!

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, Arctic, Can I be nosy and as if you have a whopping big electric bill each month? I'd like to get better lighting for the winter here in Ohio, but I'm afraid hubby would have a coniption over the electric bill. ;o)

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Thank you very much for your answer arctictropical Ho lamps
are TL5 Lamps and still expencive here but if they use less
energie ???? for what you got. If you ever find the colour
number and name of the tl that would be great.I still use TL8.

Yaslan..Hi .. I root my cutting on a heat mat with a lot of
light above it, wet the end of the cutting and dip it in
grow-powder (as we call it here) put it in the right soil
and water it once, after that i let the soil dry out and
only spray the cutting some drops wil go in de soil but i never give it water anymore.
and have patients, and that works for me.
(I spray with rain water btw)

Hia Artic..I had a hobby and that was renovate/restore
classic cars. I was working in my garage for 8 to 10 hours
a day.Many people asked me 'isn't that an expencive hobby?'
and i said yes because it is. But nobody asked me 'isn't
that expencive that 14 tl lamps in ur garage.
But when you talk about plant they do.
I paint to and if i go to the store to buy paint and other
stuff that i need i get a big bill too,do you get it.

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Hi craftymama! I'll have to check my electric bill when I return home (I'm in Las Vegas visiting my son and his family this weekend), but I think that the monthly bill is roughly $10 per month more (well worth it)! I'll check to make sure, and post the difference.

Alphons, yes, the TL5 lights are expensive, and so is the fixture, but man do they put out bright light! You almost need sunglasses when you walk in the room. Each bulb is 54 watts, so with an eight-light fixture, it warms up the basement room to about 85 degrees in the daytime, with no other heat source, even when it is 20 below zero outside. I'm going to buy another eight-light fixture next Fall (I'm addicted to buying more and more plummies!) I plan on running each one 12 hours, so that the room does not get too hot. The evaporating water from the plants and pots keep the room at 60 percent humidity. When you walk in the room, you know it! It's just like a warm green house.

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Hello arctictropical,

I thought that they din't get hot the TL5 but i know they
are not as long as the TL8. I have reflectors too but
i think i gonna try 1.

Btw. The best thing is to let the plant go dormant when they are older as 2 years
and you don't have to use so much light for a x months.
Maybe you don't believe it but i have about 40 big plants
and 80 seedlings growing all on the 3 floor of the house.

I sell seed and seedlings so i make some money for the El.

I think 12-14 hours is long enough, a plant need his rest
to and leaves can burn with too much light even under
artificial light.

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Thanks Alphons. The T5 lights do get hot. At least 8 of them together sure do. Yes, I will try letting them go dormant this winter. Since I had so many seedlings that I planted from seed last Summer, I decided that I wanted to keep them growing throughout the winter, so I kept the older plants under lights as well. I wish I had as much room as you do to grow them inside. My wife barely tolerates what I have now. How many years have you grown them? This is my first year.

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Hello Arctictropical,

I have this hobby for 3 years now and i started with adeniums.

Maybe i have some room for it but the plants are getting bigger so the space get's less of course.

When you sow a Plumie's let them grow the first year and don't let them go dormant.
The older 1s, let them go dormant and you need less light and heat and it's better for the plant.
You can let stay 2-4 ,months dormant or so.

I was looking for tl5 lamps and sow that every brand of lamp for example 28 watt has a different measure so that makes things very complex when you don't like that lamp, there are adaptors to build a tl8 to tl5 but maybe i gonna build one that is adjustable.

You can't read it but you can look at the pictures.

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