Pasilla Bajio Peppers in Containers?

LizzaNVAApril 24, 2012

Hi all,

I'm trying to grow Pasilla Bajio peppers in containers this year. I saved the seeds from peppers I grew in the garden last summer. Any advice?



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Use the 5-1-1, pine/fir bark fines, perlite and garden soil mix for your containers. Containers should be at least three gallon up to 7 gallon. The bigger the better.
Check out the "container Gardening" forum also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Web - Container Gardening

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Liz and Bruce!
Bruce, the Container Forum actually sent her over our way ;-)


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I am growing this pepper for the first time this year. Though, I am going to have mine in the garden rather than a container. I was worried that this may be a pretty big plant, that's why I opted for garden space.

In a container, as mentioned - the bigger the better (to a point).

I would also be prepared to support it somehow should the need arise. When I have grown Poblanos in pots, I have used the cheap tomato cages and neighboring pots to help keep the plant supported or the entire pot from blowing over. I guess I should also mention that I usually stake my larger pepper plants that are in the ground.

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Grew them last year in pots. Nothing special about them, treated them the same as all the others. They do get big, so a large pot is recommended and you will probably have to support it as fruit grows.


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