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tomt226April 13, 2014
Woman bought a bottle of liquid fertilizer, which put her under suspicion of growing weed, and her home was raided.
I used to grow a lot of Texas Star Hibiscus, which has leaves that look exactly like cannabis until it blooms. Had deputies ask me about it more than once. Also keeping the lights on in the GH causes a lot of NG choppers to circle my place low and slow.
Sure glad pepper leaves don't look like pot... ;-)

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I had a greenhouse several years ago and a cop would sit off and watch me for weeks before wanting to come in and see what I was growing. After 3 years of this I met his brother an Agricultural agent and a person that has helped me a lot. It turns out this officer wanted to buy a greenhouse and every other member of his family were serious farmers. 3 years of paranoia when all I had to do was invite him in. He would much rather help me transplant then give out tickets. Things are not always what they seam. When my GH came down to make room for a vineyard he was right there offering $ to take it home with him. Im proud of my peppers and I have growlights lighting up the neighborhood. Just let them know what your doing and you can avoid a lot of problems. Cops like hot stuff too. Also let your neighbors know what your doing , they are the ones who call 911. Also someone could break in trying to steal what they think is weed. I got good advice years ago Dont lock you greenhouse if they want in, a box cutter goes right through plastic. loss of a few plants is a cheaper alternative

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Growing cannabis shouldn't be a crime in the first place....
I buy my fertilizer at a local hydro store and it's no one's business what I do with it. Watching someone intently like that is stalking and a violation of privacy, and borders on harassment, no matter if it's a cop or a neighbor.


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Oh Josh, you are such a hippie!!!! ;-) I agree 100%, I would be totally po'd if they raided me because I have a greenhouse or bought fertilizer. of any kind.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

There is still something called "prejudice"going around. The law enforcement people are often guilty of that. They make some kind of judgement on a person's appearance, personality etc. Probably, that women looked liked someone who might be a drug addict, TO THEM. They call it reasonable suspicion.

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

I work swing shift and get home about 11 pm. I make it a point to go out withmy flashlight and check on my helps me unwind a little.
Sometimes I think my neighbors are watching me wondering what I'm doing back there!
The side of my backyard is exposed to the street so any deputy on patrol can see my peppers.


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Raiding someoneâÂÂs house because they are growing a plant and you want to know what kind of plant is not only a 4th amendment violation but it is also highly irresponsible and extremely dangerous!!! I would be extremely pissed. I agree josh, what you do on your property is none of anyoneâÂÂs business. I believe in standing up for your rights even if it is not always the easiest path (Especially when you are not doing anything wrong). To think you have to have a neighborhood party and invite the cops over to snoop around so that your house doesnâÂÂt get raided for growing flipping pepper plants is ridiculous on so many levels. This lady should sue for unreasonable search and seizure, emotional distress and putting her family in an extremely dangerous situation.

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OK everybody, true story time. Texas cops and sheriff's don't mess around.
Over in Jonestown, a widow living with her SIL and daughter on a 20 acre tract, with a big fallow truck garden in the back of the house filled with Johnson grass. NG Blackhawk doing FLIR training missions flew over their place and WHOOPS, got a big reading on a lot of weed. Turns out that weed and Johnson grass have the same IR signature. Weekend warriors got in touch with the local smokies and they came and broke down the door in the middle of the night, shot her dogs, drug everybody out and beat hell out of them, and left them handcuffed to the bumpers of the cop cars while they ransacked the house and fruitlessly searched for the cash crop in back.
The judge threw the book at the county mounties and a huge cash settlement was paid to the victims.
How can you break the law, when you make the law...

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

"The judge threw the book at the county mounties and a huge cash settlement was paid to the victims."

Good. I'd have multiple attorneys for that one (best in the Country).

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I have a story from a different angle. I used to head the horticulture department at the local community college. One morning I took a phone call from the County sheriff 's office down the street; the officer on the phone wanted me to come over and look at something.

They had made a bust previously and confiscated a couple of grow boxes (don't know an official name) complete with lights, mirrors, and still filled with potting medium and seeds, lol. The boxes were donated to my department! (I made them dump out the contents on THEIR property before loading them up my car.

They resided happily in my classroom, growing several generations of tomatoes. :-)

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Pam, insofar as hippies are libertarians, I am also a hippie. (Hippies are also generally hairy - check, anorexic - well, not so much).

What's a SIL?

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S!*! happens.... I know "almost" for a fact that my local police departement took a look in my basement window.

When I first started using the lights back in January, I was running them overnight. We noticed footprints in the snow from the street right up to in the very front of the window to our basement.
Now I only run them during the day, not overnight anymore. Don't want to attract any other attention ;-)

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Heck, run them all night. When the police or nosy neighbors finally figure out that you aren't growing pot, then you can grow pot without attracting attention...

[posted by someone else]

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Good Point!!!

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Son-In-Law or Sister-In-Law...

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