Missed us again.

mulberryknobAugust 19, 2012

Because it was such a cool day, DH and I decided to take a day trip over into Arkansas to hike a bit. We went to White Rock State Park to hike the bluff line and look at the view. We had only done 1/3 of it when it started to thunder and sprinkle. We thought it would be a good idea to get off the mountain and headed back south to I-40. By the time we reached it there was no rain, so we headed north on 540 to Lake Ft Smith State Park. Drove through rain to get there but it had stopped by the time we arrived so walked around a bit there. Then back to I-40 and home on Arkansas 59 north out of Van Buren. Ran into rain again off and on till we got to Daughter's house, 9 miles southeast of Stilwell, where I looked in the gauge and saw 2.25 inches, which is a total from the last two weeks. They got over 1&1/2 inch of that since Thursday. So we came on home, hoping, so hoping that we would have also gotten rain. Got home to find less than 1/10th. Such a disappointment.

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Dorothy, sorry you missed again. We have received a total of .8" since the rain started yesterday, about 9.4" since we started getting rain in early July. I cant remember this ever happening here. In the past it seemed everyone but us was getting rain.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Sorry it missed you again. In a way I cannot believe it keeps missing you because y'all normally have such abundant moisture. But then, in another way, I can understand it because we have had years where the weather patterns carried rain right past us over and over again time after time, just like what is happening to you, so I know from experience it happens.

Sooner or later the weather pattern will change and the rain will return to your area. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.


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We always missed rain except last week's... most of the time when weather channel says scattered tstorms I was keep looking at radar, rain coming our way, going to rain in few minutes, then it bifurcates at our place then join after crossing us... its always deroutes at Norman.

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