Couple of pics from a couple of days ago

jimhardyJuly 14, 2012

I put a yardstick in some of the pics to add some scale.

Castors are around 8' now.

Little snow banana(Ensete Glaucum)and Caryota maxima.

Siam seems to love the hot weather-just not over 100

Cereus peruvianus has not grown from the top yet

but has grown a 4" new branch since 6/28 and the

other branch is growing...I repotted it today

and turned it so the branches can even out...

wish I would have got a pic of the roots!

Never seen the P.Lamerei get such a big head-

the leaf crown is about a yard across-

The smaller Washy is hanging on-it has root damage.

The other is blasting away!

Washy would probably look nicer without the 4'0'clocks around it but they come back there every year.....(happy)

Rajapuri pouring it on!

Click for weather forecast

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When my castors get that tall, they usually fall to the ground when it rains. Fortunately, it never rains here in summer. :-l

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I know exactly what you mean )-:

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Wow, those castors are huge now! Cant believe how much amazing growth they have had this year. I kind of like Kopper King Hibiscus because I think they look kind of similar (the leaves are the same color, but no where near as big) and they have nice blooms and are hardy. Wish I had the room for some castor beans though. What variety are the ones in your pic?

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Nice pics, really liking the casters. Guess I might have to try some next year. That large washy of your is a beauty. Id try one but since Im afraid of heights I don't know how i would protect it when it got tall.

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Yea Chad-that WILL be an issue but thats why it is next
to the porch,so I can add on and secure it to the house(-:

The 2 varieties I like are the New Zealand purple and the
Ricin "Zanzibar" -the latter is the big leaved one (-;

Sometimes the leaves on the Purps do look like cooper but
it is difficult to capture on "film"

All the other Castors are normal sized,the 4 big boys jumped
out quick and with the help of a week of 80s in March they
broke out of the seedling stage fast-one of the nice things
about having all the protection laying around from the palms
is that I was able to use some of it on the Bananas and Castors.

At one point my Abyssinian grew like 1' in a few
days because it was hitting the 90s in the cover-

Also-the 4 biggest Castors were planted (by at least)April 6
and I think that is a month earlier than "normal".

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