My Pineapple has fruited

cmventuraJuly 13, 2011

it can be done, it took some effort but I did it! Growing into a happy pineapple :) Grew it from a store bought pineapple.

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Amazing! I thought if you propagated from a store bought variety, it would have to be a full sized plant in order to produce fruit!

Post your technique?

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Congrats! It looks so nice where you have it too!
I root store bought pineapples all the time (I pull the leafy top of the pineapple off and pull all the lower leaves off on that. Then I put the bare bottom of the pineapple crown in a cup of water and in 2 week it has roots). Im glad that there is hope that I might get fruit from them some day! I love the look of a pineapple in bloom!
Thanks for Sharing!

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