borderokie(7)August 19, 2014

Have blueberry plants left over at the greenhouse and of course the bug to plant them hits me. Don't know of anyone who has had much luck with them though. Anyone who has raised them think they are worth it?

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They are most definitely worth it. Other than pecans, there is no better delicacy (sp?) that you can grow yourself. (I'm biased)

Unfortunately, they are very difficult to grow here, like you said. Other than a couple of commercial plantings, the only person I know that has had success is me, and I now have only a few healthy plants left out of 60 that I started with 8 years ago, so I am no expert.

I am back and forth on the idea of starting a new planting myself.

What types do you have? I will try to answer any questions that you have.

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