Can someone tell me whats wrong with my W. Robusta?

kaotickellyJuly 12, 2012

hello all of you on here. Well the monsoons are here in NM and I tought that it would be a good idea for my palm to get some natural watering so i put it outside and it rains like towards the end of the day or evening. everything was fine until i put it out for some sun like around 11 am to 2 pm and i looked at it and it got wilted, and there are some brown spots on the fronds. So i am wondering if its getting too much rain or sun. or not enough of sun. humm i dont know it was fine. also i just transplanted it into a new bigger pot with the same soil i used to plant it with. The soil is not wet or soggy just a goo moist feel to it and i do bring it inside because of my neighbors cats. so can someone tell me if its going into shock or getting root rot uggh i hope not. all that work for nothing. anyway get at me thanks


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I Notice my Hybird is doing the same thing as well. No Idea what could be wrong. But my American Dersert Palm is Exploding those.

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If anything it's probably too much sun. If it has been indoors for a long time it can take a while to get used to sun again.
I cant give too much advice on washingtonias because I have tried to grow them in pots and failed. It would put out maybe 2 fronds a year and then go half dead indoors and repeat the process all over again.

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wow those palms are big i dont see anything wrong with them except that they are kinda yellowing at the stem base and Alex yeah i figured that its not that use to the sun quite yet i guess??? llol but thanks for the feedback.

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They look amazing! mine came through the mail half dead :/ but im nursing it back to health.... The yellowing at the tips may be from over-watering?

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They probably don't get enough water in the pots to satisfy them unless you water them yourself.

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hey RichardC7 how are you nursing it back to health? and alex-7b i do give them a good watering. i dont think thats the problem i think that i over waterd it but idk

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Kaotickelly- I've just been pruning all the brown tips/dead leaves.... and fertilizing better. I'm just taking extra care :-)

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

When I bought a Wash. Filifera a couple of years back, the instructions with it said to shade it from direct sun until it is established. I'm guessing it got a little scorched b/c not used to the sun. Should bounce back fine though, as Washingtonias rebound quickly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Virginia Beach Weather

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Am also going to say my Wash. Filifera is doing better than my Hybrid is. Then again, Its must of been outside for most of its life. Washingtonias are faster tan a B*tch. But my Mute Palm is way faster.

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...And quieter.

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@Jim. Funny man!!!

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