Ugly new critter?

alynne68June 11, 2014

Just found this ugly thing on my "tiny petunia" plant. It is about the size of a lentil. Not moving much but I'm not touching it to find out if it does move. I'm on a 3rd floor balcony in DC. Have health population of lady bug larvae so I've not been spraying. Have a few aphids, but think they are under control. Egg? Pupae? Tiny slug?

Keep it or kill it?

Thanks in advance for any and all info.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Pupa of a fly. (Resting stage between the larva and adult.)

Perhaps the petunias have had aphids? If so, this is likely from a flower fly whose youngsters eat aphids. In other words, a good thing to have.

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The petunias have all kinds of bugs - aphids, white flies etc. But, they seem to like it there and stay off my peppers. Also have a number of ladybug larvae so have stopped spraying.

Damn, I pulled it for the pic then was creeped out and threw it off the balcony. Will keep any others I see.

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