Palms in SWC

slow73(WA z8b)July 8, 2011

Anyone try growing palms in self watering containers? I've grown veggies in them with outstanding results. One year I had tomatoes that grew so much by mid August they topples the cage and I had to prop the cage up against the house. Them things had some shoulders! I'm thinking thirsty palms would grow super fast with an endless supply of water and fertilizer. Any thoughts?

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Come winter time and your palms will not want an endless supply of water. It's possible you will end up with root rot. Not a chance I'm willing to take.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Hi Slow,

Palm growth is not usually rushed. It can increase in right conditions. Palms do not like wet feet in cool or cold weather.

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Sure they would-Washys,King and Queen palms,Chamedorea all grow near water...the Chams and Washys roots in creeks. I would only change the water every few weeks so as to not allow salts to build up..if your water is bad,more often. I'm sure your asking about summer only.

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slow73(WA z8b)

Thanks for the replies. It was just a thought and one day I might try the experiment when I get some seedlings (probably gonna be either washys or trachys). FYI the soil in SWC is moist not wet if you use the correct media. They drink how much water they want when they want it.

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