daniel.rooneyJune 19, 2013

Read part of the prior postings on how to get rid of chipmunks. Thanks for ideas on bucket and rat trap. Havahart traps work well, but you have to anchor the bait - cracker with peanut butter and couple nuts, with peanut butter on bottom of cracker to stick it to the bait tray. I lost a bunch of crackers until I figured that out. Actually caught a couple squirrels in the small trap. But the chipmunks have shown capability to squeeze out of the squirrel trap. Then you get these dumb grey birds who keep getting in there and cleaning it out - and eventually getting caught. Take them far away, too.

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Maine, I believe, is one of the states that require a state license to move wildlife. The fines for failing to obtain one can be quite heavy.

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