Ponytail flowers/question

trishmick(z7NJ)July 17, 2010

This is my ponytail palm in flower. Very subtle smell that reminds me of a mass cane. Seems to draw flies like honey. Had this guy for several yrs. now.

And about my flowering basjoo...seems to be stalling to me. Is this normal? Hasn't put out any new leaves, and the developing fruit is forming slowly to my way of thinking. I'm a newbie with this situation, so I don't know the proper rate of growth. Here is a current pic.

Was it a bad idea to plant impatiens around the base? They're loving all the water and fert. And two pups are starting to take off. Should I remove them to help mom and her flower bunch?

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Never had my ponytail flower but the banana is probably doing fine. The fruit is really subject to the conditions of its growth- water heat sun etc.- mine have fruited many times and have never been perfect. I don't think the flowers are a problem. They might even act as a watering guide. Many know more than I...Oh yes, remember once it flowers it will die...

Here is a link that might be useful: okcpalms

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Very nice bloom! As for your basjoo, the fruit looks very healthy (and tasty, too bad its not edible!). The reason why you arent seeing any new leaves is because this is the end of the line for the mother plant. Once that bloom finishes the mother will slowly die away (In mild climates it can take a year for it to start to decline in health but no matter what climate you live in, it will not grow new leaves when it has made a flower). It will, however, continue to throw new pups and the pups will grow very well eventually replacing the mother plant.
The flowers below it look very healthy and it should not effect the banana plants health in anyway.
your yard is looking great! The plants must love the heat!!
Good luck!

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