New coconut palm- will it make it?

us_marineJuly 28, 2010

I just recieved a new coconut palm from online, its been wraped up for 8 days! I recieved it bare rooted (very little soil was at bottom of wrap). Fronds not too badly damaged. I am not sure if it will make it, roots are all black and shallow.It has all mature fronds, and stands a little more than 8ft:) I think it is about 3 years old?I hope that is makes it.

I planted it in a 45 gal container for now and watered well in a shady location.Does it have a good chance of recovering?Does anyone have any tips to help out?I will post pics in an hour or so, my phone doesn't take good pics.



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Us marine-
off topic i just noticed your birthday is March 27th. Min is also. I'm not sure where you are located but my suggestion would be to give it filtered sun. I think it needs some direct sun but obviously not too much. Keep it moist and hope. 8 days is a long time. Goo luck, I look forward to seeing a picture.

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The 45gal container is too small, and makes it easy to blow over. With that reason in mind, I dug and pulled it out slowly ( damaging more of the roots) and layed it down on the ground. I wrapped the root ball with soil and put a little water on it to keep it moist.
I hate to leave it on the ground unplanted but the 3ft deep hole I dug is slowly filling up with water? I didn't hit any pipes so I am not sure why its its filling up. Its very tempting to plant it there. I know that at a certain depth the ground gets warmer, maybe it will be warm enough to not cause root rot? I doubt it though, at least watering less sounds good, lol.
I have had bad luck with this palm since the start, and tonight is going to get very cool. Hopefully it pulls out of it, It is a very nice palm even with the damage it has. I will know if I am losing it when the newest 2 fronds and the opening spear die. They are almost undamaged except for being bent. Coconut palms are tough, this one might be a fighter like the rest of mine:) I didn't think it was going to be this big.
Thanks andyandy, and here are some pics-

Pic before I took it out of the container-

The green pole you see to the left is 96 inches, the palm is about 103 inches measuring from container soil level to highest frond.


A closer view-

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may i ask where online u bought a coco this large???

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First off, I must say that that is one amazing looking palm! Congats!! I think it will survive. These palms survive being knocked over in hurricanes so I think a little shipping damage wont kill it. Still I would keep an eye on it. Dont put it in too much sun yet. Maybe some afternoon shade until it gets established. It might struggle a little this summer, but it should be good next year. I hope it does really well by you! Any plans to put it in the ground or is it too expensive to try it out??
Thanks for sharing the pics!
Good luck!

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I feel having such a large tree as yours with little roots, you may need to stake it. I use strips of rubber from inner tubes for the base of the trees, this helps prevent cutting and adjustable bungee cords.

Thats one nice looking tree. Keep us updated.

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I have had bad luck with palms shipped bare rooted, even by reputable places. Nonetheless, it does not look too bad. Time will tell.

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in my experience, and this is a generality, once you get past the seedling stage, barerooted palms do not do well, but some species are far more hardy than others (eg. Barerooted Butias often survive as do some Sabals)... trees that large often do better when shipped without most of their leaves (lose way to much water out their leaves via transpiration, and the now damaged roots are unable to uptake enough water to replace the loss until new roots or rootlets have grown to replace them (can take weeks or months depending on the palm and conditions)). As a result these trees often die from dessication... keep this tree out of the sun if possible and, if also possible, in some humid situation.

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That is a big coconut bare root. I hope it makes it for you but the odds are against you. I would use roots starter immediately. Good luck and keep it moist and in the shade.

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Here's an update-

Sorry it took so long, I've been busy.
Thanks for looking-


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Its looking pretty darn good, considering it took 8 days to ship.
I noticed the staking method also (Great Job).
When you water I would spray a good 6 foot area around the tree, it may help increase the humidity a bit.

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Can you see any signs of the spear pushing up?

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I have checked the the new spear for growth, but it hasn't grown any. It hasn't pulled either. The opening spear pictured above might still be opening slowly, but I can't tell. The lower fronds are dying, while the 3 newest fronds are still very green. Much of california has been very cool during night and day since spring. The cooler than average night temps is probably slowing the growth alot. My other coconut palms are doing just fine, so I'm sure its probably in shock and trying to acclimatize. If she pulls out of it I won't see any good growth untill after next summer. After that flowers and fruit would be nice :P I know she might not pull out of it, let alone flower, but its worth a try.

Thanks for all of your advice-


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I think the next frond or 2 will be a little stunted but Coconut palms are stronger than you think and I think it should come back. I was getting worried about mine earlier thie year when the leaves got burned from the sun and I didnt even SEE a spear for almost a month but then a spear did show up and a smaller than usual frond which at least showed it was going to make it. Once yours starts growing again, it will be fine. I think its going to fruit pretty soon if all turns out well this winter. Maybe blooms by this time next summer! Keep us updated!! Im looking forward to finding out how it manages to hold on in a california winter and I think it has a decent chance of surviving the transplanting.
Good luck!!!

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I am going to cut off about 3 fronds that look an unhealthy color, and that seems to be the right thing to do.
Thanks tropicalzone7, and good luck to you too:)

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us_marine, its been about a week just wondering how its all going.

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It doesn't look good. The new spear hasn't grown at all. All fronds are slowly dying, except the new spear and a spear that was opening before it was shipped.

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Im sure its is going to have a set back. It maybe a bit early yet. Hang in their. It may pull through yet.

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How warm has it been there? days and nights

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Unusually cool, with days barely in the 90fs, and lows in the low to mid 50fs.Since spring, everything has been much cooler than usual. I think it is linked to the rest of the US having a unusually warm spring and summer?
Even so my original coconut is still growing fairly quick.I think it is growing well because it has adapted more to this climate unlike the other two. If I have any coconut palms that will be long term it will be that one.

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