Windmill palm wilting

k4idx(7 -GA)July 17, 2010

I bought a "Patio Palm" as Home Depot had it labeled, but it is in fact a Windmill. It has about 12" of trunk with a 3-4" diameter and has an overall height of about 48". A week or so ago I planted it and the fronds have gradually begun to look dried up and seem to be drooping over. I've watered daily, not too much though and did add some epsom salt and a little palm fertilizer when I planted it. Anyway, should I be concerned or is it possibly just transplant shock? Should I trim the fronds that have yellowed and begun to die? Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can offer. Oh, for the record, the palm does get several hours of afternoon sun, so heat may be a factor.

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What do you mean by daily watering but "not too much"? When you water, you should be drenching the soil thoroughly. I don't know about Georgia, but the soil here is sooo hot and dry and it's just about impossible to over water anything. Also, Trachys do best in moderate temperatures (they do resent very high heat and will slow down if not stop growing in excessive heat--unlike Sabals for example). Some degree of partial shading in probably best in areas with very hot summer. Still, I get the feeling your plant is thirsty--mulch it and water generously.--Transplanting in high summer heat is stressful on plants but I can be guilty of this myself at times. Also, I'm of the philosophy that you do NOT fertilize a plant under conditions of stress. Good luck!

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k4idx(7 -GA)


LOL, what I mean is that I water thoroughly enough to hydrate the soil throughout the rootball, but not to excess so that it sits in standing water overnight. The soil here is clay and retains moisture beneath 6" or so. The hole I dug for this tree is about 18" deep and has a diameter of about 24". I removed the clay in that hole and replaced with a mixture of sand, potting soil and the native clay. The amount of fertilizer added was to the exterior wall of the hold to encourage the roots to "spread" and I'm talking about maybe 1/3 cup total fertilizer. In my research, I did see that these palms aren't crazy about high heat, so my initial theory is that maybe it was this afternoon Georgia heat that was affecting it. Thanks for the insight and I'll keep giving it the TLC.

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Geez, and I complain about my clay soil but yours sounds worse! Best to listen to local wisdom when it comes to how you have to amend your soil for your plants. My concern regarding your comment about not watering too much refers to how how some people water without really saturating the root ball--clearly this isn't the problem in your case. I got plenty of heat here too--getting ridiculous actually--and worse, DROUGHT. Still, both my Trachys get some shading from the hottest afternoon sun thanks to some Japanese and Red Maples. They are actually pushing good growth which sort of surprises me because I have seen them "shut down" in heat. Oh course, the upside is that they pick up in growth when the weather cools and most other palms are slowing down. Sounds like some transplant shock then on your Trachys--cooler and moister weather will help.
These are terrific palms though, I can't describe the magic of going out on a winter's day (or evening) and seeing them blanketed in a heavy snow.--Zone 7 can be snowy here but not winter minimums are usually in the 20's or higher.

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If it is a a Trachy (windmill palm) they do not like hot weather. A trachy would much prefer a 80-58 day then a 92-72 day. It may have been best to pot it and keep it indoors and then take it out in the fall when it cools down.

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